Tips On Where To Buy Gordita Shells

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If you have enjoyed gorditas at a Mexican restaurant, you might have wondered where to buy gordita shells that can make for a special meal at home.

Many people are under the impression that there isn’t very much variation when it comes to the world of the tortilla. There is a good chance that most of those who hold this opinion haven’t had the opportunity to taste the deliciousness that is a plump and freshly cooked gordita. It’s quite common for there to be a lot of appreciation for a food that makes for such a large and satisfying meal.

The reality is that there are many different kinds of tacos that have been developed in Mexico throughout the centuries. This is a lot for a foreigner with a distinct palate to try to understand all at once.

As a result, there is so much to explore and get excited about if you are more aware of flat-breads in the form of empanada or pita. You should get acquainted with not only one kind of taco but try different sized shells to learn about the many presentations of the mass made of corn.

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All About Gorditas

In terms of worldwide reach, one of the most popular tortilla variations are the ones with thicker shells commonly known as gorditas. They are gaining more and more prominence in stores all around the world and they are included in many dishes.

Gordita means little fat one, which sounds really playful as there is a tendency for this type of food to be seen as a snack. However, before you know it, you’re full of a nutritional meal. There is a lot of enjoyment that comes along with packing them in with a variety of different ingredients that make each bite feel like a party that’s happening in your mouth.

A big part of the appeal of the gordita shells is that they make a taco look like a pie or being quite similar to a hamburger-eating experience. This is especially true if you fill it with ground beef, as though it were a savory pastry. A nice way to think about a gordita if you haven’t tried one for yourself yet is to think of an empanada. The gordita shells work as a pocket of dough that’s baked or fried with meat, with steamy veggies inside. It has a consistency that’s similar to fried rice.

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Exploring The World Of Gorditas

You may have had the experience of going to a taco place that makes big tacos and walking out asking yourself where would be a good place to buy tasty gordita shells. You have the idea that you can make your own version of the world-famous gorditas. This isn’t the easiest thing to answer as the quality of the shells that you eventually land on will make a big difference between a savory chewing experience, and one that just feels like it is lacking in various areas.

There are many companies that make gordita tortillas, which is a reflection of the popularity that this type of tortilla has found. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re all the same and that you can pick just any old one and expect the taste to really come through. A lot of people find that the expensive brands are completely worth the cost. Oftentimes, as these gorilla shells are organic, they are assured that their meals will have plenty of flavor.

Where To Buy A Gordita Shell Set

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Gordita shells are regular fixtures at a wide variety of health food stores. If you have an Asian superstore in your neighborhood, chances are that they will have some gordita brands. The way to approach a search for them is to head for stores that have an assortment of international foods, or an International food aisle. They’re usually near the pita chips and bread items of this nature.

A very popular name is Old El Paso which actually offers a delicious gordita kit. It includes different powders to mix with ground beef. It’s delicious and serves as a shining example of how big taco culture has become in so many states within the U.S.. Making gordita dinners like this one at home is looked forward to every week for tons of families.

However, you may want to buy the gordita shells by themselves. These are much easier to find. Large stores like Walmart have a pretty good selection, and one of their most purchased shells is a brand that’s very well established in Mexico called Mission.

When you’re at the store, you can usually compare the different kinds as these large shells come in see-through bags. This allows one to get a pretty good idead of what the texture is like. A lot of people end up choosing the kind that they feel will work best with their preferred fillings. Some are better for when you have a lot of veggies, and others are thicker so that the juices from the meat and/or sauces don’t split the bread.


 where to buy gordita shells

Gorditas are perfect for when you come home from work and you`d like something that’s tasty, satisfying, and healthy for everyone involved, but that won’t send you straight to nap-land afterwards.

Cutting up the vegetables is the most tedious part of the process, but the results are great both visually and in terms of aroma. When you’re talking about something that’s ideal for sharing in good company making your own, gorditas can really become an experience that’s not only a mouthwatering treat but it can also serve as a great introduction to cooking for people of all ages.

You may find yourself starting out simple and then having more and more interest in adding different kinds of fillings that complement that flavor of the Gordita shells that you got at the store. Good cuisine is all about experimentation and it may take a few tries until you find gordita shells that work for you and your sense of taste.

Just keep an open mind and let the glory of the gordita shell talk to you.

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