5 Common Chipotle Hot Salsa Ingredients

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Chipotle hot salsas are a favorite to eat and enjoy with just about any dish, but what are the most common chipotle hot salsa ingredients? Throughout this article, we will discuss basic information about chipotle hot salsa and the various different types.

These salsas are versatile and packed with flavor! Many hot salsa companies have gotten creative and use many different ingredients to create a new taste. Chipotle salsa does not only use chipotle chili peppers, but also other hot peppers, vegetables, and sometimes even fruits to add natural sweetness.

What Is Chipotle Hot Salsa?

Chipotle hot salsa is a type of salsa that uses chipotle peppers. The peppers undergo a long drying process. Many companies make their own Hot salsa, including Chipotle. However, if you make your own hot salsa, the flavor is made just for you. This means that you can adjust the spice levels as necessary.

Unlike a Chipotle hot Sause, a hot salsa is great to use as a dip for chips! However, you are not limited to eating this dish with just chips!  You can also add this savory and hot salsa into your burrito bowls and on top of rice! The heat and tangy flavors from the tomatoes enhance the flavors of the rest of your food.

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History Of Chipotle Peppers

Did you know that chipotle peppers have a long history? These plants are notoriously known for being tough and long-yielding. In Mexico, approximately 1/5th of the agricultural land is used for Chipotle peppers because of their versatility and many uses.

From what we know, Chipotle pepper plants have existed for thousands of years, long before the Aztecs ruled Mexico. Once the Aztecs started cultivating the land and making their own cultural dishes, Chipotle peppers were used as one of man Chipotle hot salsa ingredients.

The Chipotle pepper that is still more commonly used is the Morita, which translates from Spanish to English to little blackberry. They are less expensive than the other variety and the plants yield many hot peppers. The indigenous people of Mexico used many techniques on these peppers to use in their cooking.

Interestingly, the same method of drying and smoking meat is what they used for these peppers. This great idea was the reason that the Aztecs were able to properly store their hot peppers for long periods of time. The Aztecs were not making salsa with these Chipotle hot salsa ingredients though, instead, they made a paste to cook with.

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5 Common Chipotle Hot Salsa Ingredients

Although Chipotle peppers play a large part in hot salsas, they are not the only ingredient. Other common Chipotle hot salsa ingredients include garlic, onion, red tomatoes, tomatillo tomatoes, and cilantro. Although this is true, every brand and person has their own version of hot salsa.

In the company Chipotle, they primarily use tomatillo tomatoes, which are unique tomatoes that ripen green. Tomatillo tomatoes have a tangy taste, unlike other sweet tomato varieties. These tomatoes are good for your health and also bring a splash of color.

Green chili chipotle salsa is a hot and tangy salsa that uses primarily tomatillo tomatoes for that vibrant green color. The color is not the only impressive part about the salsa though. Domesticated tomatillo tomatoes have an outer layer with a vibrant green paper-like protector.

Different Types Of Chipotle Sauces

What are the different types of Chipotle sauces/salsa? Above we mentioned a green tomatillo chipotle salsa that is savory, tangy, and vibrant! This particular chipotle salsa uses many different peppers and the tomatillo for the color and taste.

Did you know that there are also chipotle salsas that use mango and habanero peppers? Using fruit in hot food is not new, but it is delicious! You can find various companies that sell their chipotle salsas with a sweet taste at your local grocery market.

Mangos and pineapples are common fruits used in the chipotle hot salsa ingredients because of their acidity that works well with the heat from the smoked peppers.

How To Make Your Own Red Chili Salsa Chipotle Sauce

If you want to make your own version of a red chili salsa chipotle sauce, you definitely can! Although it may seem difficult, there are many recipes that take little time. If you want to quickly make your own chipotle salsa, you will need to gather all your chipotle hot salsa ingredients.

Choosing the ingredients is the hard part, but also a lot of fun! While you can stick to smoking chipotle peppers, you can also add other peppers too, like jalapenos and serrano peppers. Although it is tempting to blend the ingredients together, it is best to dice the ingredients.

 Which is hotter chipotle red or green salsa

Unless you like a watery and thick chipotle salsa liquid, you should cut and dice your ingredients first. The next step is simple garnishing, enjoying, and storing. What you don’t use today, you can store for up to two weeks in the fridge as long as it is in a container with a sealable lid.

Tips and Tricks on Making your Own Chipotle Salsa

Making your own chipotle salsa with your preferred chipotle hot salsa ingredients is enjoyable, but can get tricky if this is your first time! I recommend buying a food processor with the option of ‘salsa’ or ‘dicing’. While you can make the recipe by hand, it does take longer and the consistency will not be consistent.

I also recommend making various batches in the same day. Since salsas store well, you can have many in the fridge at once. It gives you a chance to test the many chipotle hot salsa ingredients available.


In conclusion, there are almost infinite chipotle hot salsa ingredients because of how versatile this dish is! However, if you are looking to buy the chipotle salsa from Chipotle, it is made of primarily tomatillo tomatoes for color and flavor.

What do you think about this article? Did you learn anything new? If yes, let us know in the comment section below, and please share with friends and family!

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Which is hotter chipotle red or green salsa?

It is not easy to answer this question. Everybody has a preference on how hot their salsa should be. What is hot to one person, can be mild to the next. However, there is a general concerns that the chipotle green salsa is hotter because of the peppers, lime, and other citrusy elements.