How Long Does Salsa Verde Last In The Fridge

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For those of us that constantly open salsa verde, we are always asking ourselves; how long does salsa verde last in the fridge? Salsa verde is a delicious side or topping with many uses! It is savory and very unique because of its ingredients.

What Is Salsa Verde?

Salsa verde is a type of salsa that uses a combination of green ingredients to give it an acidic taste and a vibrant color. Although the ingredients differ slightly based on who is making the salsa verde, usually homemade salsa verde has green tomatillos.

Green tomatillos are green tomatoes that are protected by a paper-thin and puffy layer around the tomato. They are delicious and slightly tangier than the red tomatoes we are more familiar with. Salsa verde also uses lime and sometimes lemon to give it a more acidic and sour flavor.

There are so many uses for this universal salsa! You can stuff it into enchiladas, add it to scrambled eggs, or as a topping on top of tacos and burritos. Typically, servers serve salsa verde at Mexican restaurants as a chip dip. Either way, salsa verde is very scrumptious!

How To Make Salsa Verde

Did you know that you can make salsa verde from scratch? While it is easier to go to the store and buy a prepackaged bottle of salsa verde, nothing beats the fresh and powerful taste of homemade salsa verde. The best thing about making your own is that you can make changes and adjust to your own taste buds!

Before you start making salsa verde, you need to gather your ingredients and materials. For example, since salsa is somewhat a liquid, you need a food processor that can chop and liquefy the salsa verde well. After you have the materials, you can slice and dice the vegetables you want.

Once of the more common ingredients in salsa verde is avocados. Although salsa verde is acidic, you can add a buttery rich taste by blending salsa verde with fresh Hass avocados.

 how long is salsa verde good for after opening

How To Store Homemade Salsa Verde

After you have made your very own salsa verde, you need to find a way to store it! Storing salsa verde can be confusing because there are conflicting reports online. According to some experts, tomatoes and tomato sauces do not need to be placed in a refrigerator.

However, other food enthusiasts believe that Salsa verde needs to be refrigerated! Regardless of refrigeration, one thing is certain; you need to store salsa verde in a container with a tight seal. If too much air gets into your Salsa Verde, it can go bad faster as the bacteria in the air spreads and multiplies.

If you want to look after your Salsa verde with a careful eye, you should purchase glass jars with tight seals. Glass jars are clear, so you can watch your Salsa verde as it ages. This way, if you leave your homemade salsa verde too long in the fridge, you can see any fuzz or mold growth.

It is also important to know that you cannot store homemade salsa verde past three days if it was made with avocado. As delicious and creamy as avocado is, it does not have a long life! You may notice your Salsa Verde turning a deep brown and black because of the avocados.

How Long Is Salsa Verde Good For After Opening?

So, how long does salsa verde last in the fridge? This really depends on a lot of factors! Unopened Salsa Verde can last years in the fridge. If you bought Salsa Verde from a store, you should always look at the expiration date as it is more specific than the general rules.

 how long does salsa verde last in the fridge

Although this is true, you should know that any small changes can affect the expiration date. If you open your Salsa Verde but do not seal it tight enough, it can still grow bacteria in the fridge. You should be careful to seal the caps on tight.

The tightness is not the only thing you should worry about when it comes to properly store Salsa Verde so it has a long shelf life. You need to refrigerate Salsa Verde immediately after you use it! Experts do not recommend leaving Salsa Verde unopened for hours and then sticking it back in the fridge. Room temperature is the temperature that bacteria thrive in.

Tips And Tricks On How To Preserve Salsa Verde

The good news for you is that there are many methods and ways to preserve Salsa Verde for a longer time. Sadly, as satisfying as homemade Salsa Verde is, it does not last as long! Salsa verde that is homemade does not have additives that preserve the vegetables and taste well. You need to use your Salsa Verde after making it as it does not store well.

Another way to preserve Salsa Verde for longer is to not refrigerate it immediately. When you buy Salsa verde in the grocery store, it is usually on the shelf with nonperishable goods. Surprisingly, salsas can thrive at room temperature. However, if you switch your Salsa Verde from the fridge to your pantry, the shock can allow for bacteria to grow.

In other words, you should always store unopened Salsa verde outside of the fridge. Instead, only place it in the fridge if it is open. Depending on the brand, you may not need to refrigerate it after it is open! The label should give you all the information you need.

 how long does salsa verde last in the fridge


Salsa Verde is not easy to take care of, but there are ways to preserve the flavor and extend its shelf life. Most of the time, when you buy Salsa Verde, it comes from the unrefrigerated aisle. Instead of placing it in the fridge, keep it outside until you open it.

The only way to prevent mold and bacteria from developing in Salsa Verde is to keep your salsa tightly closed! Never leave it open for more than a few minutes. If you liked this article and learned something new about the citrusy Salsa Verde, comment it down below and share it with your friends!