How Spicy Is A Serrano Pepper? 3 Fantastic And Quick Recipes

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These exceptionally popular peppers are one of the best in Mexico, but exactly how spicy is a serrano pepper? From what we know, these peppers rank at a 5,000 to 15,000 heat level. They are hot, compared to their close sibling, the Jalapeno pepper.

While this is true, they are no where near the hottest peppers that exist! Are you interested in learning about these popular and delicious peppers? Listed below is more information about these peppers and what you can do with them in their spicy state.

What Are Serrano Peppers?

Serrano peppers are delicious, hot, and colorful. These fruits are produced from a serrano pepper plant out of white pollinated flowers. They are long and usually skinny peppers that appear similarly to jalapenos, except they are slimmer.

These peppers get their name from the unique mountain ranges located in Mexico where the peppers grow wildly and in an abundance. These spicy and hot serrano peppers are delicious and have an interesting flavor that is almost described as tangy.

The colors of the pepper also changes as the pepper ripens. Although it is more common to find Serrano peppers that are a vivid green color, as they ripen on the plant, they can change into a deep red and orange color, much like jalapenos.

 Are serrano peppers hot without seeds?

Three Dishes That Use Serrano Peppers

There are many dishes that use the delicious and hot flavors in Serrano peppers. These dishes include breakfast items like scrambled eggs with serrano peppers and homemade serrano hot sauce and salsas. these recipes are just suggestions though as you can change them to fit your own preferences.

1. Serrano Scrambled Eggs

Wondering how spicy is a serrano pepper? You won’t have to for much longer with this recipe! They are very hot and yet blend well with smooth flavors that are bland. Scrambled eggs for example, at least the versions that are plain, don’t have an overwhelming amount of flavor.

This is a good thing, because it means that the eggs can simply take in the natural flavors found in serrano peppers. This is especially true when you cook and Sautee the serrano peppers first before adding the eggs to the pan.

2. Serrano Hot Sauce

 How can you tell if a serrano pepper is too spicy?

It is also common to see the word and the pepper ‘serrano’ located on a hot sauce bottle. Did you know though, that you can make your own? This can satisfy your curiosity about how spicy is a serrano pepper! The spice levels depend on how many peppers are used in the hot sauce and the size of them!

I prefer to make my own serrano hot sauce as I like to manipulate how spicy is a serrano pepper! It is easy to do since I can pick and choose which peppers to use in my hot sauce. It does take time though and many steps as I dehydrate and dry out each pepper.

3. Homemade Serrano And Pineapple Salsa

Yum! Who doesn’t want to try and make a delicious and homemade serrano and pineapple salsa? Although it is not often easy to picture both sweet and spicy foods, this is a delicacy enjoyed by many people! Pineapples balance out the heat of serrano peppers while also providing a temporary relief.

Fruits are actually a common addition and can help you answer the question of how spicy is a serrano pepper salsa! I like to start these recipes by gathering all of the ingredients and chopping the vegetables before pureeing them in a machine.

How Spicy Is A Serrano Pepper?

 how spicy is a serrano pepper

So, how spicy is a serrano pepper? It is not the spiciest pepper in the pepper family, but it can still burn your tongue and cause redness on your lips if you are not careful enough. The habanero pepper still beats serrano peppers when it comes to heat.

Are you looking for the spiciest serrano pepper? It is not easy to predict if a pepper will be packed with heat, however, a good general rule is that the smaller a pepper is, the more flavor it has. This includes flavors like intense heat and sweetness!

For example, you should look and search for a spicy serrano pepper that is small. These are packed with flavor as all of the energy from the plant went to creating a dense and small pepper. Never let the size fool you, these can have you tearing up if you are not used to hot peppers!

How To Eat Serrano Peppers

When you are looking to eat and choose a serrano pepper, it is best to find one that suits your taste. Although the color does play a roll in the heat levels of the pepper, it is not a perfect indicator of the heat levels. You should always look at the age!

Eating serrano peppers is not too difficult. The seeds can make it hotter though! While you can eat a serrano pepper raw, it is recommended to first cook it and eat it with a fork. This way, the oils from the first layer of the pepper’s skin does not irritate your skin.

 Which is hotter red or green serrano pepper?

It is an uncommon misconception that serrano peppers are only hot because they contain seeds. Actually, they are hot because of a compound that the fruit naturally produces. The peppers are typically coated in this compound and the natural oils from the pepper, which gives it a good kick!

Even if you take out the seeds of a serrano pepper though, you will still feel the heat! Want to try and beat the heat? Drink something refreshing without an abundance of sugar, like a sports drink or a fresh juice!


All in all, it is normal to wonder about how spicy is a serrano pepper. There are a lot of factors that go into answering this question, which includes the color, age, and size of the serrano pepper. These delicious and spicy peppers compliment bland and lighter food well!

Did you learn anything new about how spicy is a serrano pepper? If yes, let us know in the comments below. And, if you know anyone interested in learning about how spicy is a serrano pepper, send this article their way!


Which is hotter red or green serrano pepper?

It really depends on the age of the pepper! However, a good rule of thumb is if the serrano pepper is red, it is older and riper meaning that there can be more heat!

Which pepper is hotter serrano or habanero?

Habanero peppers are one of the hottest peppers in the world and completely overtake serrano peppers in heat levels.

How can you tell if a serrano pepper is too spicy?

When a serrano pepper is too spicy, it is usually small in size and ripe. Often, you can even smell the heat coming from the pepper, especially when you slice into it.

Are serrano peppers hot without seeds?

You can eat serrano peppers without seeds and you will still feel high levels of heat!