How To Chop Cilantro Leaves In 4 Quick And Great Steps

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A lot of delicious Mexican meals and dishes use cilantro, so let’s learn about how to chop cilantro leaves! In four steps, we will go through the process of chopping cilantro safely and in an effective way. I don’t know about you, but I love the intense citrus flavors that the leaves bring to new dishes.

Technically, there is no wrong way to finely chop cilantro, however, there are methods that make it easier.Before you can though, it is important to find a sharp enough knife and a clean cutting board. I have done the mistake of using a dull knife and it took a long time to get done with just one bunch!

What Are Cilantro Leaves?

What exactly are cilantro leaves? Cilantro, from what we know, is a fast growing herb. Although it is not a weed, it grows like a weed in some Asian and Latin American countries. This herb has an intense smell and is used for both flavor and garnish.

It is easy to accidentally confuse other herbs like parsley and cilantro because of their outward appearance. They are actually in the same family and the same way you learn how to chop cilantro leaves, you can use the method for other herbs.

The leaves are long and continue to grow. It is best to eat and use cilantro leaves while they are at their freshest. Typically, cilantro leaves begin to decay in the fridge after just five days. Thankfully, if you make a paste or sauce, it is easier to refrigerate and preserve once all processed.

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The Health Benefits Of Cilantro

Possibly the best part about learning how to chop cilantro leaves are the health benefits of this fast growing herb. This cool growing herb plant is delicious, but it also has hundreds of nutrients that can aid your body in many processes.

For example, we have found that lowers high blood sugar levels when eaten regularly. Since it is low in sugar, but high in flavor, you won’t have to worry about your blood sugar levels rising to off the chart levels! Not only does this herb help with your blood sugar, but it aids in digestion.

This is an herb that was often used as a medicine for digestive issues in Latin America. It is one of the reasons why we should all lean how to chop cilantro leaves and use them in our daily lives. This one plant can also rid the body of toxic heavy metals.

What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial


  • 3 Bunches of Cilantro
  • Water


  • Cutting board
  • Bowl
  • Knife
  • Clean station

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Step By Step Instructions On How To Chop Cilantro Leaves

Step 1: Wash the Cilantro Thoroughly

The first step in how to chop cilantro leaves is honestly the most important! Before you can start to learn how to chop cilantro leaves, you need to clean and wash the cilantro bunches thoroughly. This way, any bacteria or debris from being in a store and transportation is washed off.

The water also makes the leaves a bit easier to mold in shape and structure and chop. You don’t need to use any fancy soaps or methods of washing though!

Step 2: Bunch the Cilantro Tightly

In the next step, step 2; you will need to tightly bunch the cilantro. If you are struggling with this part, make sure to sue your non-dominant hand to hold the cilantro tightly at the base where the leaves begin from the stem.

Step 3: Cut the Stem Off

Step 3 in how to chop cilantro leaves is to cut the stem off. Once one hand is bunching the most important part of the cilantro, the leaves, you can use your other dominant hand to make a nice big chop of the cilantro stems. Technically, this step is optional on how to chop cilantro leaves.

Step 4: Mince Lightly with Pressure

Now, step 4 on how to chop cilantro leaves is to actually do the chopping! With easy and fluid movement, chop the cilantro leaves with a sharp enough knife. It should be easier to do the whole bunch since one hand is tightly holding and bunching them together.

With rapid movement, mince the cilantro leaves to your desired size. This does take some practice and can be a bit frustrating in the beginning since cilantro is slippery.

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Tips And Tricks On How To Chop Cilantro Leaves

Onto the tips and tricks on how to chop cilantro leaves, you must know that the stem of the cilantro is edible! Although there is a step to chop it off and discard it, it is not necessary. The flavor and the texture is duller then the leaves, but it is just as aromatic and delicious!

The hardest part that people struggle with when learning how to effectively chop cilantro leaves is bunching the cilantro together tightly. If you are struggling, don’t worry! Find yourselves some string or rubber bands. Using multiple ones, tight the cilantro together tightly.

This way, the cilantro is in bunches! You can actually store them in the fridge this way. For storing cilantro leaves, do so in an airtight container. I recommend using the leaves fresh though as the flavor does dullen over time and within a few days it will start to decay.


All in all, I think it is important to learn the overall steps of this important herb used in thousands of dishes across the world. In Mexico, it is popular and common to be served a side of chopped onions and cilantro in a small bowl as garnish and to add extra flavor to food, especially dishes that utilize tortillas.

 how to chop cilantro leaves

Through this article, you have learned how to chop cilantro leaves and the health benefits attributed to this delicious herb! Let us know if you learned anything new or interesting in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you!

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What is the easiest way to chop cilantro?

The easiest way to chop cilantro is to pinch the stems together closely before applying pressure and chopping thinly with a knife.

How do you cut cilantro for guacamole?

Since you grind and blend cilantro for guacamole, it is best to chop cilantro into sections. This way there is space in the blender and it is smooth.

How do you cut and dry cilantro?

Although you can cook with fresh cilantro, it is best to dry it naturally. Leave the cilantro inside on a counter. This way, it dried slowly over the course of a few days. As it dries, the smell should become more intense.

Can you eat the stems of cilantro?

You are in luck! Cilantro is delicious and that includes the stems. You can eat the stems too as the flavor is the same, just slightly lighter.