Pasilla Vs Poblano Peppers- 3 Clear Differences And Amazing Similarities

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The argument of Pasilla vs Poblano peppers is an interesting one because they are so similar and the answer depends on where you are in the world. For example, some people in Southern parts of the U.S think that poblano peppers and Pasilla peppers are the same. But, this is not necessarily true!

Pasilla peppers have a deliciously mild flavor and are often dried. They are used in many recipes and can be eaten raw! Down below, we will discuss various details about Pasilla vs poblano peppers along with their culinary and health benefits.

What Are Pasilla Chile Peppers?

First, lets start by discussing what are Pasilla Chile peppers. These peppers are unique and interesting. Although people may wonder Pasilla vs poblano peppers, they are not the same pepper! In Mexico, where the Pasilla Chile pepper grows, it is referred to as the chilaca pepper.

These peppers only grow in abundance in Mexico and are not really known in other parts of the world. The peppers are called chilaca peppers until they undergo a unique drying process. Before this, the are a dark red or purple color and curve upward.

On the Scoville heat scale, this pepper is between 1,000 to 2,500. Interestingly, these peppers are named because of an old Aztec words that refers to something ‘old’. Why? These Pasilla peppers are wrinkly and although they are not the hottest peppers, they have a delicious and meaty flavor, perfect for kids!

Pasilla Chile

What Are Poblano Chile Peppers?

Contrary to popular beliefs, Pasilla vs Poblano peppers are not the same peppers! Poblano Chile peppers are larger peppers that grow up to 10 inches long. They are mild flavored peppers that are thick, making them great for stuffing and different recipes like Chile rellenos.

Although you can eat these colorful Chile peppers raw, they are best cooked. The mild flavors explode and intensify when the peppers are grilled, fried, or boiled. You can find these peppers al throughout Mexico as they require fertile land and hot climates.

The Differences Between Pasilla vs Poblano Peppers

The big difference between Pasilla and poblano peppers is the kind of peppers they are. Although some people think they are the same peppers, in Mexico, Pasilla Chile peppers are actually chilaca peppers. They look different and taste very different too!

From what we know, Pasilla peppers are naturally a darker red or green color and almost appear grey. The skin is thick on the outside and they are long and skinny, which makes them a poor substitute for poblano peppers in many recipes.

 can i use pasilla peppers for chile rellenos

The skin is also different. While both pepper types have long and thick skin, the poblano peppers outer layer is thicker and harder to consume. While it is edible, many recipes call for removing and peeling the skin of a poblano pepper. Truthfully though, there are more similarities between these two types of peppers.

The Similarities Between Pasilla Vs Poblano Peppers

What are the similarities between Pasilla vs poblano peppers? There are more similarities then differences! While both peppers have difference lengths and thickness, they are cooked in a similar way! Before a Pasilla pepper gets its name, it needs to be dried and cooked.

The best way to eat both of these peppers is by cooking, grilling, and charring the outside. They also have a similar taste and mild heat levels. The Poblano peppers and Pasilla peppers are similar to jalapenos when it comes to heat.

However, the flavors of both peppers jumps out and surprises consumers and family members once the skin and inside of the peppers are cooked. Regardless of the similarities and differences between Pasilla vs Poblano peppers, they are delicious and versatile!

 difference between pasilla and poblano

Recipes That Use Pasilla Chile Peppers

Now that you know more about these delicious types of peppers, you can look for recipes that use them! It is not easy looking for recipes that use Pasilla Chile peppers because they are only commonly grown and ate in Mexico. They have a long history in Latin America and are not easy peppers to grow.

Their outer appearance makes them interesting though! You can use this form of dry pepper in recipes like hot sand savory salsas and pork stews. To make a salsa out of these peppers, it is important to prepare them correctly. You need to remove the seeds as well as the pit.

Recipes That Use Poblano Chile Peppers

What recipes can you use poblano Chile peppers? The thing about these peppers is that they are mild enough in flavor and large enough in size to be used in nearly all recipes! They are great if you want to eat them stuffed and fried with a white cheesy egg sauce.

Just like the previous pepper, you will need to prepare it though. While you can eat fresh poblano Chile peppers, the flavor is not as intense and the outer layer of the poblano pepper can be tough to bite through. Always take the pit and the seeds out. If you are roasting them, the seeds do provide a hotter flavor though.

Although this is the case, there are still many recipes that use these versatile Chile peppers including soups, stews, rajas con cremas, tacos, pozole, and enchiladas. If you cut this pepper into small slices, you can also fry them and eat them in common foods like scrambled eggs and tortillas.


The argument and confusing behind Pasilla vs Poblano peppers is funny, considering these two peppers are very different! Pasilla peppers in Northern parts of Mexico are just Poblano peppers. However, the more south you go, there is a different pepper variety that grows.

This variety is thinner and longer. It is not good stuffed, but can be eaten as a topping or in chilis and salsas. The name does not change though, until the wrinkly and long Pasilla pepper goes through a long drying process. The flavors of both peppers though is mild, making it easy to prepare.

What do you think? Did you learn anything knew about Pasilla vs Poblano peppers? Let us know down below and feel free to share this information with others interested in Pasilla vs Poblano peppers.


can i use pasilla peppers for chile rellenos?

The short answer is yes! You can technically use any peppers for Chile rellenos as long as they have a kick and are thick enough to hold the filling. However, I don't recommend using these dried peppers because they are thinner and cannot hold as much filling or batter.