3 Unique And Easy Recipes With Chorizo Sausage And Pasta

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If you are looking for recipes with chorizo sausage and pasta, look no further, we have three unique, easy, and special recipes listed below! These recipes are easy to follow and great for beginners looking to add some spice into their lives with authentic Mexican chorizo sausage.

Not only will we be discussing unique recipes with chorizo sausage and pasta, but the overall history of this dish and the items. I do love eating sausage and pasta together, especially as leftovers! This is a great combination when you have pasta and some sliced chorizo left!

What Is Chorizo?

There are two main types of chorizo sausage, the one eaten in Spain and the other consumed in Mexico. When we refer to Chorizo during this blog post and article, I am talking about the Mexican version. This type of chorizo often comes in a sausage or crumble form. It is raw and made with various spices.

The Spanish version is older and can be eaten after you purchase it. The meat goes through a curing process that makes it safe for consumption. However, there is a lack of spice. Mexican chorizo does not have a long history though. It was first made when the Spanish brought cattle and pigs to Latin America.

Although there are older forms of Mexican food, chorizo sausage has spread and is known worldwide! Many restaurants serve this style of meat!

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How To Cook Chorizo?

Since Mexican chorizo is raw, you will need to carefully cook it before you can eat it. It is important to cook the chorizo before adding in the pasta to your recipes to decrease the chances of cross-contamination. You will need a heat source and something to make sure that the sausage does not stick and burn.

I like to use either butter or olive oil to cook chorizo sausage. While you can cook the sausage whole, to decrease the time it takes to cook this style or pork meat, you can cut it into smaller sections. This is necessary when you want to eat chorizo sausage with pasta.

Make sure that the pan is sizzling and add the sliced or whole chorizo. Flip occasionally with tongs to ensure all sides are toasted and cooked thoroughly. The only way to know if your recipes with chorizo sausage and pasta are ready though is if you measure the internal temperature of the pork.

What Are Recipes With Chorizo Sausage And Pasta?

1. Red Chorizo Pasta

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The most common of the recipes with Chorizo sausage and Pasta is the red chorizo pasta with spinach. This recipe not only uses slides and ground chorizo but cooks it with a long pasta in a red meaty sauce. It takes time to prepare this meal if you are making it from scratch, but it is worth it!

Red chorizo pasta uses a tomato base, but also adds vegetables and cheeses like spinach and Queso fresco. First, you will need to boil pasta in a pot away from a pan. As that boils for ten minutes, cook the chorizo slices in a separate pan. Once the slices are done, add the sauce, pasta, cheese, and spinach to simmer.

2. Chorizo Pasta con Crema

What about a chorizo pasta con crema recipe without red sauce? While it is common to eat chorizo sausage and pasta with a red sauce base, not all recipes use tomatoes! For those of us who like a creamy white sauce made with garlic and cheese, this recipe is a great fit!

This is one of many recipes with chorizo sausage and pasta that primarily uses garlic. First, you start with making your own sauce. Start with the basics which include a whole milk butter, lemon juice or sauce, 2 cloves of garlic minced finely, and mozzarella cheese. Stir in the ingredients together to create a flavorful sauce.

 What do you eat with chorizo slices?

Set aside the sauce and boil a long and thin pasta. I like to use angel pasta, but any kind will do! Once the pasta is boiling for a minimum of fifteen minutes on high, you can simmer and cook the sliced or ground chorizo. It is best to do this with a bit of olive oil.

When everything is done, add the ingredients together in a large skillet and let it simmer on medium to high for about ten minutes. This allows the flavors of the recipes with chorizo sausage and pasta to soak in.

3. Cheesy Black Bean Chorizo Pasta

For the cheese lovers, there is also a black bean chorizo pasta with extra cheese! Instead of using a long strand of pasta though, you can use a shell or macaroni pasta. Boil this with salt and oil. As it boils, cook the black beans with the chorizo meat in a large skillet.

Add whatever seasonings you would like! Some people also add hot peppers like poblano and serrano peppers with the chorizo meat. Once the meat and black beans are cooked thoroughly, add fiesta shredded cheese, parmesan, and Queso fresco in the skillet.

The cheeses will melt into a liquid that acts as a cream. Mix in the cheese sauce well with the chorizo and black beans. Once the mixture is done, you can add the pasta and allow it to simmer slowly on the stovetop of low heat. If you want to add a cheesy glaze on top, you can also broil the pasta mixture in the oven.


All in all, there are many recipes with chorizo sausage and pasta to choose from! Chorizo adds spice where pasta is bland and soaks in flavors. The best part about these recipes with chorizo sausage and pasta is that you can make your own sauce from scratch! Everyone has their own preference on pasta dishes.

My personal favorite part about recipes with chorizo sausage and pasta is that you can make them using leftovers from the week including chorizo, pasta, and any canned sauces.

The possibilities are endless. What do you think? Have you learned anything new? Comment below and share this article about recipes with chorizo sausage and pasta.


What does chorizo go good with?

The spicy flavors of chorizo can be paired with virtually anything! Chorizo usually stands alone, but if you want to enhance the flavors and add your own twist, it goes well with bland and mild flavors found in pasta and light cheeses like Queso fresco.

What is the best way to cook chorizo sausage?

The best way to cook chorizo sausage is to lightly oil a pan and grill the sausage. However, if you are making a crumble, you will need to add extra steps to get the consistency you want. Always start on one side of the sausage and make sure it is a darker color before you flip it.

What do you eat with chorizo slices?

You eat chorizo slices with whatever you'd like! It is best, however, to find something that compliments the hints of spice and savoriness. For example, you can dip these slices into cheese, salsa, or eat it in a pasta dish.