What Does Refried Mean?- 3 Surprising and Delicious Recipes

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If you have ever been to a Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurant, I am sure you have seen the word ‘refried’, but what does refried mean? These delicious beans are hearty and full of nutrients. In some parts of the world, including Mexico, they are eaten nearly every day and plain, so what are they?

Throughout this blog post, we will dive into the topic of refried beans, answering questions like ‘why are refried beans bad for you’ and ‘what is the difference between refried beans and black beans? There are many ways to make this style, let’s dive into it!

What Are Refried Beans? What Does Refried Mean?

First, let’s start with the history of refried beans. The most interesting part about this topic is how new refried beans are to the culinary world. What does this mean? A lot of Mexican and Tex-Mex food comes from the indigenous people of Latin America, and yet refried beans are a new side dish!

The first reported use of refried beans was only approximately 100 years ago. From what we know, refried beans originated in cities near the border between the U.S and Mexico, which is why this style of beans is popular in the U.S.

What does refried mean? We need to look at the word. Refried refers to a style of food that is fried, mashed, and fried again. It goes through a long process of cooking and can be dangerous to eat if not done right. Most beans are toxic when they are not cooked properly.

 How refried beans are made?

What Beans Do You Use to Make Refried Beans?

The choices are endless when it comes to the beans you can use to make refried beans. Now that you know what does refried means, you can choose the type. In many northern Mexico cities, the staple type of beans in pinto beans because of how fast and abundantly they grow.

While this is true, you can still use red kidney beans or black beans. What is the difference between refried beans and black beans? Truthfully, the only real difference between these two styles of refried beans is the beans used. They still have to go through the long process where they are cleaned, cooked, mashed, and fried.

It is best, however, to start with dried beans in a package. Although you can make refried beans from the can, the taste is different and you won’t be able to customize the cleaning process.

How Refried Beans Are Made

Once what does refried mean is established and you have chosen the exact type of bean you want to make, you can start the process of refrying. The first thing you need to do is soak and clean the beans you will be using, especially if they come in a bag.

The thing about bagged beans is they are in the open. This means that any dust and debris can get stuck on the outer layer. With cool water though, you can rinse the beans until the water turns clear. Let the beans soak for a minimum of 24 hours in the fridge or outside.

 what are refried beans

Once they are cleaned and soaked, you can start the cooking and frying process. Usually, the soaking process softens the beans, but you will still need to boil them for about an hour. Once they are tender enough, use a food processor to blend and mash the beans with whatever seasonings and oil mixtures you would like.

After that, fry the beans in an oil and serve! Some people will bake this bean mixture to decrease the oil amount, but it does change the consistency and flavor.

Benefits Of Eating Refried Beans

What are the benefits of eating refried beans? Although these beans are delicious, there is more to them! These beans are high in protein and fiber, which means they contribute massively to an increase in gut and digestive help.

Not only are they helpful in digesting, but they encourage low blood sugar as they are low in sugar levels. This makes it easy for the body to break down and turn into energy. Most of the time, beans are also low in calories and saturated fats.

Are Refried Beans Bad For You?

 what does refried mean

Knowing what does refried mean, can also help you decide if refried beans are bad for you. The short answer is no! This style of beans is not bad or unhealthy, but it really depends on how you make them. For example, the beans themselves are healthy and can aid in increasing your health.

However, refried beans made with too much oil, saturated fats, and salty seasonings can increase cholesterol levels. This is true for most people who eat too much of this delicious side dish. The beans themselves are not bad, but if you prepare them with unhealthy and fatty ingredients, they can harm you in the long run.

Dishes And Recipes That Use Refried Beans

There are a lot of dishes and recipes that use refried beans! These beans are dense, high in flavor, and easy to consume. Surprisingly, you don’t need to add many sides or larger dishes to accompany refried beans, especially if you cook them to your own taste.

The thing about using refried beans though is that they pair well with a lot of different foods, including yellow Mexican rice and tortillas. You can eat refried beans stuffed in an enchilada, taco, or burrito. It is also possible to eat this side dish as part of your breakfast with eggs and cheese.


Now that you know the answer to what does refried means, you can make it yourself and inform others! It is a common phrase used to describe a side of beans often found in Tex-Mex restaurants and Northern Mexican cities.

Did you learn anything new from this article? Let us know in the comment section below! Also, feel free to share this with any friends interested in the topic of what does refried mean! They are bound to learn new and valuable information on authentic Mexican food.


what are refried beans?

Refried beans are beans that have undergone a long process and have a mushy texture from being friend. They are delicious, and tedious to make! This style is especially popular in Northern Mexican cities and Tex-Mex restaurants. Contrary to popular belief though, refried beans are a new invention and are a fusion of Mexican and American food.

What is the difference between refried beans and black beans?

There is virtually no difference between these two types of beans! Refried beans and black beans are nearly the same, the only difference is the style they are cooked. For instance, you can cook black beans to be refried. In most cases though, they are boiled and made into a stew to eat over rice. Black beans are also more common in Southern cities and towns in Mexico compared to refried pinto beans.

Why are refried beans bad for you?

The thing about refried beans is that the health aspect depends on who makes it and how they make it. Pinto beans are delicious, but also filled with nutrients! These nutrients include proteins and vitamins that are necessary for energy! When these beans are fried with oil high in saturated fats and cholesterol, it can increase the potential damage though.