What Is Mexican Squash? 3 Favorite and Amazing Varieties

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As you start to cook and learn about authentic Mexican food, you may find yourself asking ‘what is Mexican squash’? This delicious summer squash is a favorite of many authentic Mexican dishes. Not only are they used frequently in Mexican dishes, but they offer lots of nutrients!

Did you know that there is more than one type of Mexican squash? These colorful summer squashes are also known as zucchini and they come in all different shapes and sizes. Each variety of Mexican squash has its own flavor for distinct dishes.

What Is Mexican Squash?

Mexican Squash, also known as zucchini, is a type of summer squash with a tangy taste. Is Mexican squash the same as zucchini? A lot of people wonder this, and the answer is yes! These squashes vary in color, however, they are typically a deep and vibrant green. On the outside of the calabacita squash are rings or darker stripes.

These stripes typically indicate ripeness but vary based on the variety. These summer squashes are also thick and can grow in hot summers. These squashes are best served light green. If you wait too long to use your Mexican squash or zucchini, the flavors can be bitter and the insides mushy.

The flesh on the outside of your Mexican squash is edible too! Most of the time, however, the top parts are taken out as they are tougher to eat. You can eat calabacita squash raw and cooked with other vegetables and seasonings.

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What Are The Types Of Mexican Squash?

The most common type of Mexican squash is the Dunja variety. Not only does it grow easily in just about any climate, but this squash has a strong flavor and wonderful appearance. You will no longer have to wonder what is Mexican squash while eating this variety.

This is the most common type of Mexican squash to grow too and you can find it by searching online the keywords ‘what is Mexican squash?’. Although it is more common to see a straight and long zucchini, there are other varieties that are unique.

Some varieties of Mexican squash come in unique colors! For example, the golden zucchini is a summer squash with a beautiful and bright yellow color. The bright yellow is shiny and while the shape of this squash is curved and different, the flavor is similar to the more common striking green one.

A favorite of many dishes is the variety that grows in the form of a circular ball. The flavor and scent are different from the previous two, as the circular squash is blander. However, it soaks flavor and seasonings well.

The History Of Mexican Squash

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The history of Mexican squash is an interesting one. From what we know, the indigenous people living in Mexico and Latin America did not regularly eat or grow this squash variety. Instead, the first recorded instance of Mexican squash was in the 1600s.

The Spanish introduced this squash to central and south America during the early 1500s, but it was not regularly used in meals until later. Now this summer squash is domesticated and grows throughout the world. However, it is commonly grown in warm climates like some regions of the United States.

How To Grow Mexican Squash

The greatest thing about Mexican squash is that you can grow your own! Although it is easy to find these delicious squashes in the supermarket, there is something so satisfying about growing your own. Personally, I try to grow zucchini at least once a year during the hot months of summer.

Instead of searching for ‘what is Mexican squash’, you can grow your own! My favorite part about growing my own food is that you can be picky about the variety. For instance, if you do not want to wait a long time to harvest, there are early harvesting varieties that only grow to 2-4 inches.

The process starts by researching. It is best to use a search engine where you can look up ‘what is Mexican squash and how to grow it’. After you have read the online information, you can choose the seeds you would like to use. If you run into ‘Mexican squash vs zucchini’ online, don’t worry, these squashes are the same!

Keep in mind that each zucchini variety needs specific space. For example, there are container varieties that can grow in containers as long as they have cages or a trellis to climb. Like all squashes, these Mexican squashes grow vines and produce fruit through the pollination of flowers.

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How To Cook Mexican Squash

Once you have found your Mexican squash and know what is Mexican squash, you can start to cook the zucchini. It is important to note that you do not need to cook this type of squash. The outside and the inside of this summer squash is edible.

However, not everyone likes to eat the Mexican squash raw because of the texture. Before you cook it, the inside of the squash is both dense and tough. In other words, it feels chewy, but at the same time, it is hard to completely chew.

If you want to cook Mexican squash, I recommend starting with washing the summer squash. After you rinse the summer squash, cut the squash into pieces. You can either slice it into circular pieces or into sections that are easier to cook.

Once the summer squash is cut, you can season the calabacita any way you would like. The most common way to eat this squash is with other vegetables sautéed. You can add soy sauce, olive oil, or some other liquid to cook the summer squash and other vegetables in.

It is also possible to cook calabacita in an oven, however, each dish requires a different recipe for summer squash.

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All in all, zucchini, also known as summer squash is found in a lot of authentic Mexican dishes. You no longer have to search the question ‘what is Mexican squash’ after this article. Calabacita squash is delicious and you can eat it raw or cooked into dishes.

Have you learned something new about this type of squash? Let us know in the comments below if you know what is Mexican squash now. Also, feel free to share this article with anyone you know interested in authentic Mexican foods.


Is Mexican squash the same as zucchini?

Mexican squash is a delicious type of summer squash that is often eaten and seen in authentic Mexican dishes. While the word has 'Mexican' in it, technically, the squash is zucchini. However, when people refer to 'Mexican squash', they usually mean a particular variety of zucchini. The two types of Zucchini used in Mexican dishes are the long and skinny variety and the zucchini in the shape of a ball.

What is Mexican squash called?

Although we know the squash as a Mexican squash, it has many names! The most common name for this type of food is zucchini. Usually, the dishes that use this type of summer squash was a small or little variety. During these recipes, you may see a name like 'calabacita' which roughly translates to little zucchini.