What Kind Of Sauce Is In Chilaquiles?

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Chilaquiles are a Mexican dish made from corn and fried or poached eggs. The name is derived from the word “chilacayote,” meaning beansprouts, since the traditional green-corn masa dough contains some of these vegetables. Different regions in Mexico have their own variations on chilaquiles which use different ingredients like meat, cheese, tomato sauce, black olives or sour cream among others.

Chilaquiles are a Mexican dish that is made with corn tortillas, fried eggs, and salsa. It is traditionally served with sour cream on top. The sauce for chilaquiles can be either red or green. Read more in detail here: chilaquiles sauce.

Chilaquiles is a Mexican dish that consists of corn tortillas dipped in a sauce. The word “chilaquiles” translates to “little pieces of broken corn.” Reference: chilaquiles in english.

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