What To Make With Chilaquiles?

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A classic Mexican dish of fried tortillas, salsa and eggs. The chilaquiles are traditionally served with a side of sour cream or guacamole for dipping. This is an easy recipe that can be made ahead and enjoyed later as leftovers.

Chilaquiles are a traditional Mexican dish that is made with fried corn tortillas, green salsa, and eggs. The steps to making chilaquiles verdes is to fry the tortillas in oil or butter, then add the salsa and scramble the eggs. Read more in detail here: how to make chilaquiles verdes.

Chilaquiles is a traditional Mexican dish that consists of fried corn tortillas dipped in a sauce made from eggs, tomatoes, and shredded cheese. It can be served as an appetizer or side-dish. Reference: chilaquiles sauce recipe.

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