What To Make With Ghost Peppers – 3 Unique and Easy Recipes

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You must be wondering, what to make with ghost peppers as these hot peppers can cause detrimental effects if eaten quickly and in their entirety. Ghost peppers are one of the hottest peppers in the world that grows naturally.

Another name for ghost peppers is bhut jolokia. They are not recommended to cook with and can cause severe complications to your help. There are some ways, however, to consume these peppers without hurting yourself, but the food does go through a long process.

What Are Ghost Peppers?

Ghost peppers are one of the hottest peppers in the world. They are an invention and breeding between two different types of pepper plants. After the first plant, more began to show up! From what we know, ghost peppers come from the Capsicum Chinense. It is a unique plant that produces flowers.

These ghost peppers are extremely tough to eat! It is almost impossible to try and consume ghost peppers without any additional sides or meals that can absorb or at least numb the pain. Now that you know what ghost peppers are, we can start looking into what to make with ghost peppers.

 Can you eat raw ghost peppers?

How To Eat Ghost Peppers?

So, how exactly do you eat ghost peppers? Rarely do people try and eat a ghost pepper in one bite. This pepper is so hot that you can smell the heat even with the peel of the pepper still on! Instead, you can stir-fry the pepper plant as well as make it into processed foods that may be perishable.

Eating ghost peppers takes caution and practice. As fun as it is to play a game with ghost peppers, this can lead to health risks and problems! Instead, you only should eat a small number of raw ghost peppers! There is no one way to eat these peppers though, you can chop them into smaller sections and eat them with sides!

The Benefits Of Eating Ghost Peppers

Surprisingly, there are a lot of benefits to eating ghost peppers, but they are typically not consumed. For instance, the nutritional value of one ghost pepper is similar to a jalapeno, but you cannot eat the same amount. These peppers are so hot that they make it hard for you to fully consume the pepper!

However, you can enjoy the benefits if you can figure out what to make with ghost peppers. For instance, cutting the peppers into smaller sections and eating them inside omelets and other various side dishes can diminish the heat levels and make it easier to eat. Usually, though, people eat ghost peppers in the form of salsa.

The Complications Of Ghost Peppers

 ghost pepper hot sauce

Sadly, more complications can arise as you try and figure out what to make with ghost peppers since the heat of the ghost pepper hurts! That is not the only complication though. It is okay for food to hurt you a little, but once it starts harming you internally, this causes major problems!

A lot of people struggle to eat ghost peppers because of the heat levels. Some people have even reported having to go to the hospital right after eating an entire ghost pepper for pain and ulcers in their esophagus and stomach!

What To Make With Ghost Peppers

So, what can you make with ghost peppers? This hot pepper is a great addition to many items that can mask the intense heat levels and instead emphasize the flavor of these peppers. While preparing ghost peppers for usage though, it is important to be very careful!

I personally recommend using gloves and a cutting board that is plastic. Wooden cutting boards easily soak in heat and flavors from hot peppers, which can transfer onto the next item you cut. When understanding what to make with ghost peppers, it is important to mix in flavors that match well.

Jelly Sauce

Did you know that you can make a ghost pepper concentrated jelly or jam? This thick sauce is usually made with fruit too! I have seen a lot of different variations. It is best to buy this dish unless you are an intermediate expert in the kitchen as directing and working with ghost peppers can be difficult.

 what to make with ghost peppers

The best fruits to use with ghost peppers in a jelly sauce or jam include apricot, strawberry, and mango! These are sweet enough to lower the pepper’s heat level, without completely changing the flavor of the ghost pepper.

Ghost Pepper Salsa

What about salsa? Ghost pepper salsa is just as delicious! Except, instead of fruit, you use various tomatoes, onions, and garlic to create a delicious flavor that is perfect for chips and as a topping on many foods. Thinking of what to make with ghost peppers, you can get creative!

There are hundreds of different types of salsas with unique flavors, try something new! When looking and seeing what to make with ghost peppers, include your favorite foods. This will make the process a lot easier!

Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

 What does ghost pepper pair with?

Who doesn’t love hot sauce? This is possibly one of my favorite ghost pepper recipes, ghost pepper hot sauce! Keep in mind though that one drop goes a long way! You can easily send yourself running to the doctor because of the heat levels which include developing redness and rashes on your face!

Making your own is a long process that includes vinegar, salt, seasonings, and ghost peppers. First, you have to prepare them correctly, including taking out the stem and the pit. Thankfully, if you are not comfortable finding what to make with ghost peppers, there are other options like purchasing ghost pepper hot sauce.


Did you learn anything new about what to make with ghost peppers? This is an interesting topic that not a lot of people cover because ghost peppers are an acquired taste. Thankfully, many side dishes use this particular fruit and pepper that is smooth and delicious.

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What does ghost pepper pair with?

Ghost peppers pair well with foods that are sweet, tangy, or bland. Something like rice can absorb the flavors of ghost peppers really well!

Can you eat raw ghost peppers?

No! Technically you can eat a very small section of a ghost pepper without effects, but this pepper is hot enough to send you to the hospital with permanent damage.