Where Can I Get Horchata? 3 Affordable And Quick Ways

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Horchata is a favorite amongst Latin Americans, which is why I am not surprised that many people ask themselves ‘where can I get horchata?’. This creamy drink is a holiday must, especially around Christmas and New Year. Interestingly enough, many countries make their own versions of Horchata and sell them.

Where can I get horchata? That is a good question and depends on your location. Listed below is basic and important information about the popular drink as well as where to find Horchata.

What Is Horchata?

Horchata is a unique and worldwide favorite. This drink is usually white and has a smooth texture. This drink contains a lot of milk, proteins, and carbohydrates. It tastes like milky and sweet rice without the rice texture. Most of the time, the drink is served with cinnamon or hits of almonds.

Did you know that there are also Horchata flavored items? Although the drink is unique on its own, there are many stores that sell Horchata ice cream, shaved ice, candy, and more.

The History Of Horchata

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Although many people know Horchata as a natural and fresh juice from Mexico, its actual origin is North Africa. From what we know, the first group of people to make this rice and milk drink were Egyptians in 2400 B.C. Before using rice, this drink was made with sweetened tiger nuts in North Africa.

With all the movement, however, large changes to the recipe have been made. The drink was not popular for its delicious taste, but it’s cooling and healing benefits. For example, Egyptians during that time noticed that Horchata was hydrating and cooled the body.

Anyone who had a fever or needed hydration drank Horchata. It was also a popular remedy for children and babies with fever and illness. This drink found its way to Europe as the Moors traveled to Spain and England. They used it as a refreshing treat and medicine.

Throughout the movements and introductions, there is a unique version of Horchata throughout the world. It is an especially common drink in Latin America, although they all taste different. The Mexican version is sweeter and based only with milk, almonds, and rice.

However, there is an Ecuadorian Horchata that is red and light. These people probably wondered where can I get horchata, and made it themselves in their own unique way. The red and light drink uses many natural spices for anti-inflammatory properties.

Places That Sell Horchata

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The answer to the question ‘Where can I get horchata’ has an answer now! There are many places that sell both fresh and manufactured Horchata. If you want fresh horchata, the best way to go about it is to find a Hispanic or Latino store near you.

I recommend using your preferred search bar by typing suggestions like ‘horchata near me’ or ‘Latin grocery store near me. You can also look for restaurants that make their own horchata beverage from scratch. Most Mexican, Hondoranian, and El Salvadorian restaurants offer horchata as an option.

If you aren’t sure about your local options, you can call and ask for a specific beverage. Since most places are now selling their food for delivery, you can find a menu online. Most of the time, a restaurant’s full menu is on their online website or on their social media accounts.

Can You Buy Bottled Horchata?

Usually, people think of fresh and cold Horchata where they are asked where can I get horchata, however, you can buy a bottled version. There aren’t many and they need to be refrigerated since they are milk-based. I suggest looking in grocery stores and corner stores.

Now with the growing popularity of Latin American food, there are also options to buy bottled Horchata online from small business owners. I suggest taking your time when looking for a company that sells delicious, affordable, and authentic Horchata drinks.

Since every country has its own version, you should carefully type in the country and the exact type of Horchata you want. Even within the same country, every person has their own recipe. Since it is a holiday favorite that has been enjoyed for thousands of years, changes in a recipe are bound to happen.

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How To Make Your Own Horchata

Instead of asking yourself where can I get horchata, it may be better to find a recipe that works for you. The question of where can I get horchata is limiting. Since everyone has their own tastes and preferences, it is best to make your own. Before looking for a recipe online, ask yourself about the flavors you have tried.

For instance, some areas of the world use pistachios in their horchata, while others use almonds. Some places keep it simple and only use milk, white rice, and cinnamon. Either way, each recipe calls for different ingredients.

Once you find your exact recipe, you will need to gather the ingredients. Most horchata drinks use white rice as a base. If you choose to use white rice, you will need to blend or boil the rice with the rest of your ingredients and refrigerate for a minimum of ten hours before serving. For a smoother texture, drain the rice.

Is Horchata Good Or Bad For Your Health?

There is a lot of debate when it comes to this question. Since the beginning of its use, horchata has been used as a medicinal drink that acts as an anti-inflammation and fever reducer. It is true that horchata is not bad for your help and can hydrate you. It is also made with protein and rice is a strong carbohydrate.

However, if you drink too much horchata it can be bad for you. Rice is a staple food item but can cause harm if eaten in excess since carbohydrates are sugar.


All in all, the answer to the question of where can I get horchata is complicated. It depends on the exact type and kind of horchata drink you are looking for. What do you think about this informational article? Did you learn anything new? If you did, share this article with your friends and family to teach them about this authentic Mexican drink.