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Who doesn’t love refreshing and delicious papaya juice, but the real question is where to buy Papaya juice? Not every company makes Papaya juice the same. This is because there are hundreds of different varieties of Papaya. No two papayas are the same.

What Are Papayas?

Papayas are large fruits that grow on trees. Like bananas, Papayas grow in bunches and have a long lifespan. The tree itself can grow to an impressive 30 feet and higher. The best USDA zones to grow Papayas are tropical zones between 9-12. It is very difficult to grow Papayas in climates that reach freezing temperatures.

Interestingly, the history of Papayas and the plants that produce the fruit is nearly unknown. Before Europeans colonized the Americas, there was not a lot of documentation on the plant. However, it spread rather quickly when the Spanish began trying to conquer Latin America, especially Columbia and Mexico.

Surprisingly, the largest import of Papayas to the United States comes from Hawaii. This has led some experts to hypothesize that the big fruit is originally from Hawaii. However, strikingly different varieties can also be found as far as the Caribbean.

There are two popular Mexican Papaya varieties often used to make juice and jams which include the Maradol and the Red Lady. These giants weigh up to 10 pounds! Technically the ‘tree’ that Papayas go from is not a tree at all, but a large plant with a bark-like stem.

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How To Use Papaya Juice

What can you use Papaya juice for? Surprisingly, so many things! For instance, you can make your own juice at home to enjoy on a hot day. This drink has many health benefits and vitamins that bring refreshing feelings once you drink it.

There are also various recipes that you can use Papaya juice. One of the most popular authentic Mexican recipes that use Papaya juice is Mexican Papaya salads, Papaya Habanero sauces, and Papaya smoothies. This refreshing and tasty fruit is versatile. The taste is smooth and goes along with just about any ingredient!

You can blend Papaya juice with other fruits to create a super powerful and healthy smoothie. This is a great way to start your day! Mangos and Pineapples are particularly popular alongside Papaya smoothies.

How To Cook With Papaya Juice

Did you know that you can cook with Papaya juice? There are many recipes that use Papaya juice as a base or a flavor enhancer. Not only can you create delicious drinks, but also salads and marinades for meat. The most popular uses for papaya juice are salad dressings and marinades, which are surprisingly easy to make!

To marinate your meat with Papaya juice, you can use any brand! However, make sure that the juice is strong and not mixed with any other flavors. If you prefer, you can find a Papaya juice with Mango, but the flavor does change.

In a zip lock bag, place the meat you want to cook. Usually, the meat is defrosted during this stage. Add about a cup of Papaya juice to every gallon in the bag. You can add more juice if you like a fruity flavor in your meat. As the juice sits with the meat of your choice, you can start adding powdered seasonings. While I prefer to use red chili peppers and Sazon packets, the sky is the limit!

After the papaya juice and seasonings, I add some chopped-up and fragrant vegetables like onions and garlic. The bag then gets zipped tight, void of any extra air and I massage the mixture into the meat.

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Top 3 Papaya Juice Brands

It is hard to choose just 3 Papaya juice brands that are the best! Each one of these juices has slightly different tastes. Since there are dozens of Papaya varieties, not all juices are made with the same variety. Also, some juices have added sugar and flavors to enhance the Papaya.

The top 3 Papaya Juice Brands are listed below:

1. Lakewood Papaya Juice

Lakewood Papaya juice is one of the most commonly bought brands. It is delicious, smooth, and a wonderful treat on a warm day. You can easily find this brand in large grocery stores as it is popular. This is a sweeter brand of papaya juice best used for drinking and smoothies.

2. Goya Papaya Nectar Juice

Goya Papaya Nectar Juice is slightly tangier and has a kick compared to the rest of the juices on this list. Since it is nectar, the texture is thick. However, it is still delicious and a delight to eat! You can cook with Goya Papaya Nectar Juice or blend it with ice and fruits for a refreshing smoothie.

3. De Mis Pais Papaya Juice

If you are looking for an old brand with plenty of flavor and Hispanic history, then the De Mis Pais Papaya juice is for you! This brand of juice is sweet and uses fresh Papayas. The juice is stored in cans and the brand is often sold in Hispanic and Latin American stores.

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Where To Buy Papaya Juice

The easiest way to look for the exact Papaya juice you want to buy is to use the internet. You can use one of the ones listed above and type it into a search engine. If you want more specifics, you can add your zip code or the keywords ‘near me’.

A popular search term for this section is “where can i buy papaya juice”? The results should take you to the nearest stores that offer papaya juice. Interestingly, a lot of Hispanic grocery stores and corner shops also sell Papaya juice and nectar! You should start by looking there before you drive to a farther location.


All in all, Papaya juice is a delicious and authentic Mexican treat both consumed as a drink and used throughout recipes! What do you think of this article? Have you learned anything new? Let us know in the commend section below. Don’t forget to share this article with friends and family that are interested in tropical fruits and juices!