Where To Buy Mexican Chorizo Near You

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For lovers of Mexico Pork Chorizo and its many flavors, people may find themselves looking up ‘where to buy Mexican Chorizo’. This is a valid question with a lot of answers! Mexican Chorizo is a type of pork sausage packed with flavor that works well in many authentic Mexican dishes.

What Is Mexican Chorizo?

There is a lot of information to learn about Mexican chorizo. This pork sausage has an interesting history since the indigenous people of Mexico and Latin America rarely ate meat. The pork we eat today is not native to North or South America. Instead, it was brought by Europeans, specifically Spaniards during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Although the meat is not from the Aztecs or Mayans, the spices are! Chorizo is raw and uncooked pork meat made with spices. The process to make Mexican Chorizo is long and it is often confused with Spanish Chorizo. While it is true that the Spanish did help provide pigs to make the pork sausages, they have their own way of curing and making sausages.

The biggest difference between Spanish pork sausages and Mexican sausages is that the Spanish sausages are fully cooked! This means that you can buy them in the store and you do not need to prepare the meat for cooking. The colors are also very different! Spanish Chorizo sausages are a deep red color made possible by the addition of paprika seasons.

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How To Cook Mexican Chorizo

You need to carefully cook Mexican Chorizo! You should never consume raw pork as it can contain life-threatening bacteria that cause sickness. There are many ways you can prepare and cook Mexican Chorizo. The best way to do so is over a stovetop. If you have an oven with a stovetop, you can use a skillet or a frying pan.

Since Chorizo is pork, it is made with a lot of fat. This means that it is not always necessary to add oil or butter. People choose to use additional ingredients like oil or butter to grease the pan so the pork does not stick. It is also a lot easier to cook Chorizo that is ground.

The only way to tell if your Mexican Chorizo is done cooking is by using a thermometer. Although the color can be an indication that the dish is done, never trust the color alone! However, if you do see the pink inside of your Mexican Chorizo sausage, don’t hesitate to continue cooking the piece of meat.

When using a thermometer,  stick the pointed end in the middle of the Chorizo meat. For pork to be safe, you need to cook it to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

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What Dishes Use Mexican Pork Chorizo

The dishes that use Mexican Pork Chorizo are endless! Although there are possibly thousands of recipes that use Mexican Chorizo, the most famous dish is Chorizo and eggs. This dish is a breakfast meal that uses ground Chorizo and scrambled eggs. They are cooked and mixed together for a delicious and savory taste.

Since you can serve and buy Mexican Chorizo in many different forms, there are so many ways you can cook it! It is not uncommon to see Mexican Chorizo sausages eaten in their sausage form with a side of rice. However, when someone cooks ground Chorizo it is usually accompanied by a tortilla.

Mexican street tacos adorned with Mexican Chorizo is delicious! You can also stuff enchiladas with Chorizo to bring an extra kick of flavor.

Where To Buy Mexican Chorizo

The most important part of using Mexican Chorizo is finding the best place to buy it. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to buying Chorizo. For instance, local grocery stores sell this type of meat in the meat section! However, if you cannot find it in your local grocery store, you may need to look at a Hispanic grocery store specializing in authentic Mexican food.

This is not the only option though. You can also purchase Mexican Chorizo at butcher shops and meat stores. There are shops that specifically dedicate their time and energy to cutting meat and grinding it perfectly. The meat in these stores is usually fresh and never frozen. It is a great option if you are looking to cook the meat right away as it can rot without preservation!

How To Choose The Best Mexican Sausage

When you buy Mexican Chorizo, you need to choose the best Mexican sausage. Some forms of Chorizo are sausages, ground meat, and sliced meat. Depending on your recipe, the form of meat differs. For instance, street tacos require ground meat as it is easier to fit in a corn taco.

It is not only important to consider the form of your Chorizo, but the quality! You should always take your time when choosing meat and inspect it thoroughly. While many companies and stores take pride in their work and are careful, there is always room for error. If you notice a funky or bitter smell, don’t purchase the meat!

However, if the sausages are dated recently and look fresh, they should be good! Always cook the meat, however, to the appropriate temperature to make sure that any bacteria is gone.

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Buying Mexican Chorizo is not easy since there are so many options! Not everyone lives in an area with many Hispanics, specifically Mexicans that use Chorizo in their authentic dishes. Mexican pork sausages are Mexican meat that has many forms. You can use this meat as a sausage, slices, and ground! The dishes are also endless as the meat does a great job absorbing flavors.

Thank you for reading this article, what do you think about the information. Mexican Chorizo is a delicious food item. Did you have any thoughts while reading this article? If yes, don’t be afraid to leave a comment below. If you know someone interested in learning about authentic Mexican food, feel free to share this article with them to spread the information!