Black Beans Vs Pinto Beans Taste 5 Key And Amazing Differences And Similarities

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When comparing black beans vs pinto beans taste, it can be very confusing! There is a lot to consider, other then just the two very different flavors of these beans. The texture, cooking style, and dishes that incorporate these beans are also very different!

We will learn about the similarities and differences between black beans vs pinto beans taste in this article, along with interesting information about these beans and what you can do with them! These beans have their own unique benefits to consider!

What Are Black Beans?

So, what are black beans? There are a lot of different types of black beans that grow from similar plants but also look very different! The beans we are discussing in this blog article are the ones also referred to as turtle beans. These beans are also common in other Latin countries, like Cuba!

In Mexico, these beans are common because they grow quickly and throughout the fertile land. They have also been commonly eaten for thousands of years by the indigenous people. Black beans provide a delicious flavor to any dish as they almost taste nutty. One serving provides 7.62 grams of protein with low calories.

They are very hard beans too! I recommend squeezing a raw black bean between your fingers, I promise you the bean won’t budge. When looking at black beans vs pinto beans taste, we need to know more information about black beans, like, what kind of dishes use these beans.

 Are pinto beans harder than black beans?

Dishes That Use Black Beans

What authentic and traditional Mexican dishes use these black beans? Although these beans can be added to many dishes that incorporate rolling and folding tortillas, they are commonly cooked in a broth with other vegetables and peppers to be eaten with yellow rice.

Another dish that we can look at for black beans vs pinto beans taste is black refried beans. Although usually pinto beans are mashed and refried, you can do the same with black beans once they are properly cooked. This is an interesting recipe to look for when considering black beans vs pinto beans taste.

The flavor drastically changes when mashing and refrying black beans, but it is still delicious and a common practice in Mexican households.

What Are Pinto Beans?

Now that we know a little more about black beans, we can have a better understanding of black beans vs pinto beans taste. But, what about pinto beans? Pinto beans are very unique compared to other types of beans. They are just as delicious and are produced from drying a pod, but have a soft texture.

 black beans vs pinto beans taste

Pinto beans are also known as butter beans and are similar to lima beans. They grow in abundance in Latin America and are delicious. These beans are perfect for flavorful foods and dishes as they absorb the flavors they are cooked in with ease!

They are a cream color and cook fast! You won’t have to sit and wait for hours. After cleaning and soaking your dried pinto beans to get rid of any dust and debris, it only takes about 15-20 minutes to cook the beans completely through.

Dishes The Use Pinto Beans

Usually, pinto beans are eaten as refried beans and goes through a unique process. However, you can also cook these beans into a sweet and salty stew. These beans are perfect for cooking in garlic and often have a smoky flavor from the ingredients used.

You can eat these smoky beans as appetizers or on top of rice. Truly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to eating and cooking pinto beans.

Black Beans Vs Pinto Beans Taste

 Can you substitute pinto beans for black beans?

Now that we have an understanding of both black beans and pinto beans, we can move on to black beans vs pinto beans taste. How can you tell the difference? What are interesting facts about both that are useful to your culinary experience? Lets find out!

1. Both Beans Grow On Vines

The first similarity I have to share with you is that both of these styles of beans grow in a similar way, through vines. These creeping beans are delicious and flavorful, and first are produced by pollinating small flowers on bush beans!

Interestingly enough, you can actually grow these beans in your own home as long as you have a container, water, and sunlight!

2. Pinto Beans Are Larger

You may notice this while looking at the beans next to each other, but pinto beans and black beans have different shapes! Black beans vs pinto beans taste changes because of the size. Pinto beans are larger in both height and width, and yet are smoother.

3. Black Beans Are Hard

 Do black beans cook faster than pinto beans?

Even after you cook both of these beans, it is likely that you will notice that one of these types of beans is harder than the other. Black beans take longer to cook and have a thicker consistency, making them harder compared to pinto beans.

4. Pinto Beans Appear Older

Although Pinto beans are super common in Mexican cuisine, they are actually originally from Peru, which to be fair is in the same general area. However, as the indigenous groups moves around Latin America, pinto beans were introduced to Mexico where they grew almost naturally!

5. Black Beans Are Caribbean

Black beans did not originate in Peru or in Mexico. Actually, you can find black beans growing in many parts of the world! They are very common in food groups and cultures like cajun, creole, and Caribbean food! For example, Congri is a Cuban black bean and white rice combination with pork and other ingredients.


All in all, the argument between black beans vs pinto beans taste is hard because they are unique! These two styles of beans have various different flavors, colors, sizes, and textures which can be used for many dishes! there is no one bean that is the ‘best’.

If you have learned anything new about black beans vs pinto beans taste, let us know! We love hearing from you. If you know anyone else interested in learning about different beans and foods in Mexico, send this blog their way!


Are pinto beans harder than black beans?

Black beans are a lot harder then pinto beans. They also have a unique and almost earthy flavor, while pinto beans are smooth and soft.

Do black or pinto beans taste better?

Since everyone has their own preference, this question is hard to answer. Black beans have a more intense and nutty flavor, while into beans are smooth almost like butter.

Can you substitute pinto beans for black beans?

Yes! Technically, you can substitute pinto beans for black beans in many recipes, but the flavor and cooking time does change.

Do black beans cook faster than pinto beans?

Pinto beans cook faster than black beans. On average, pinto beans take about 15-20 minutes to cook, while black beans take 20-30 minutes.