Does Queso Fresco Melt Well? 4 Delicious And Easy Ways To Use Queso Fresco

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Queso fresco is truly a fresh style of cheese. But, does queso fresco melt well? This is an honest question to have that does not have a straight forward answer. Queso fresco is made up of only two to four ingredients and is easy to make at home.

The only thing about fresh queso fresco is that you will need to use it as soon as possible. Although you can place it in the fridge, the process in which you make queso fresco makes it a perfect crumbling cheese that can stay out in room temperature.

What Is Queso Fresco?

So, what exactly is queso fresco? Queso fresco is interesting because it has a diverse origin. Although it is easy to imagine that Queso Fresco came from Mexico and Latin America, this is not the case. In Persia and Middle Eastern countries, queso fresco has been made for thousands of years, but under a different name.

Since refrigeration was not a possibility for these countries, they got creative and used a base, an acid, and some seasoning to make a delicious and non-perishable version of cheese. Typically, these cheeses are made with fresh milk and some kind of acid. The fresh milk is either cow milk or goat milk.

The queso fresco that is sold in grocery stores now is usually pasteurized and safe to consume. It crumbles and has an almost soft and milky flavor. Unlike most cheeses, queso fresco is mild and can be used to compliment heavy flavored dishes.

 Does queso fresco melt in microwave?

How To Make Your Own Queso Fresco

Making your own queso fresco has never been easier! Although everyone has their own techniques and recipes, I like to keep it as simple as possible by only using three ingredients. When I make fresh and homemade queso fresco, I use lemon juice (acid), whole milk,  and a pinch of salt.

First, you need to curdle the milk and the lemon juice in a saucepan. It should only simmer, not boil! Keep on stirring. These two substances react to each other and will start to clump up. Unlike most recipes, you want the clumps to occur.

Once the queso fresco has clumped well, you can then add it to a strainer and into a cheese cloth. Keep the cheese cloth tight and compact so that the queso fresco and retain its shape. I also like to add something heavy on top, like a book, so that is flattens enough to store.

Does Queso Fresco Melt Well?

The big question of everyone’s mind right now though is does queso fresco melt well? Sadly, the answer to does queso fresco melt well is no! This cheese is not one that can melt. Because it is made with an acid and milk, it often jump clumps and warms up. It is not made to be a melting cheese.

No matter how many minutes you place your queso fresco in the microwave, oven, or stovetop, it won’t melt! It is best to use a different kind of cheese if you want the cheese to melt on top of your food. If you want a mild cheese that melts well and has a similar flavor, I recommend using mozzarella cheese as a substitute.

4 Delicious Recipes That Use Queso Fresco

 What do you use queso fresco cheese for?

There are endless dishes that you can use and sprinkle queso fresco on. That being said, the most common four recipes and dishes that use queso fresco are listed below!

1. Tacos

Who doesn’t love a delicious taco? Although it is true that does queso fresco melt well is a no, this does not mean that the cheese can’t go on top of warm and hot foods. Tacos are usually warm foods and they taste amazing with just a sprinkle of queso fresco!

2. Enchiladas

What about enchiladas? This is another dish, similar to tacos, that uses various types of beans and meat rolled into a tortilla. Surprisingly, the mild and light flavor of queso fresco compliments enchiladas very well. Instead of stuffing enchiladas though with queso fresco, I recommend breaking the queso fresco apart to add it.

If you want, you can also have the block of queso fresco to your side. Simply slice pieces off as you go and continue to eat your meal.

3. Big Breakfasts

My favorite memory growing up is Sunday breakfast. Everyone is getting up and feeling lazy and yet we cook a feast or tortillas, fried eggs, and queso fresco. The queso fresco can be placed in the center of the table with a knife or spoon to break off the pieces.

I recommend making scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions. Make a big breakfasts with hot sauce and lots of flavors. This way, the cheese is almost refreshing when you combine the ingredients. It can cool your tongue enough to continue eating.

4. Black and Refried Beans

Most types of beans also thrive and have an exceptional flavor when you eat them with sprinkled and broken queso fresco. Black beans have an intense and almost nutty flavor, that reacts well to the acidic queso fresco. Have you ever ate black beans alone? Try some black beans with queso fresco sprinkled and mixed in.

They compliment each other well and are a favorite! Refried beans also taste better with the use of queso fresco. It makes sense as to why since refried beans are often eaten with just about anything like tortillas and bread! Queso fresco only enhances the flavor.


It normal to wonder to yourself ‘does queso fresco melt well’? This delicious cheese has a different property then the cheese you often find in the deli section of your grocery store. It crumbles and makes for a delicious additional flavor on top of new dishes!

Did you learn anything new about does queso fresco melt well? If yes, let us know what you learned about this delicious queso fresco in the comments below! Don’t forget also to share this blog with friends and family interested in learning about does queso fresco melt well!


Does queso fresco melt in microwave?

Queso fresco does not melt in a microwave. It is not meant to melt, but clump together and hold well in room temperature.

Why is my queso cheese not melting?

Your queso fresco is not melting because it is not supposed to. It is made with a heavy fresh milk and an acid that causes it to clump instead.

What do you use queso fresco cheese for?

You can use queso fresco cheese to compliment heavily seasoned foods. It is a mild cheese that is soft and almost melts in your mouth.