How Long Does A Tortilla Last? 4 Quick And Easy Ways To Preserve Tortillas

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Tortillas are delicious and I always seem to have so many in my home, but how long does a tortilla last? The answer is not as simple as you would think. Although I would love to tell you an exact time, it really depends on the ingredients used to make the tortillas, the brand, and how long they have been stored!

It is true that tortillas often last months if packaged correctly. However, keep in mind that a tortilla will start to lose its flavor, texture, and color over time. Try to eat your tortillas in at least two weeks after you have purchased them. The same goes if you make them by hand.

What Are Tortillas?

So, before we can discuss the many ways to preserve and create long lasting tortillas, we should understand what these delicious corn flour disks are. Every single Latin American country has their own version of a tortilla that primarily uses corn. Although some white flour tortillas exist, they are not popular in their country or origin.

Instead, tortillas are round and flat. They are often yellow in appearance and have a gritty texture, while somehow also being smooth. The different textures of a tortilla is what makes it hard to know how long does a tortilla last.

The Fascinating History Behind Tortillas

 Can you eat expired tortillas?

Possibly the most interesting thing about tortillas though is the history behind them. From what we know, the answer to how long does a tortilla last lies with its origin. Tortillas were supposedly invented about 10,000 years ago by a commoner in Mesoamerica.

He made these delicious corn flour discs for a hungry king. In no time though this legend became so popular that tortillas are a staple. Interestingly enough, when the Spanish came to Mexico and Latin America, they named these delicious discs tortillas because they looked like ‘little cakes’.

The Spanish loved these flat corn flour tortillas because they were easy to walk around with. However, using different grains brought from Europe, the Spanish made a few changes to the texture and color behind the tortillas.

Instead of eating squash and beans with tortillas, the Spanish brought their cattle and animals like cows and chickens to cook to eat with the handheld tortillas. Now it is almost uncommon not to see meat in Mexican American households and restaurants.

How Long Does A Tortilla Last?

So, how long does a tortilla last? If you are able to carefully preserve and put away your tortillas where they belong, tortillas have a long shelf life. On average you can store your tortillas for about 6-8 weeks before they start to spoil.

Keep in mind though as you use the techniques listed above, this can increase the time it takes for the tortillas to expire. Expiration dates do not mean that they are moldy and cannot be eaten after that date, but that they should be sold by then.

How To Keep Tortillas Fresh Longer

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1. Plastic Tupperware

There are many ways that you can keep tortillas lasting longer and tasting fresher! The most common way though is to use a plastic or glass Tupperware to store the tortillas. Once you warm up handmade and store-bought tortillas, it is a good practice to also wrap and store them in some kind of plastic or glassware.

The plastic and glass actually trap in the heat, which increases the overall shelf life of your delicious tortillas. You don’t need to place your Tupperware that contains tortillas in the fridge either, it is good to stay at room temperature! Actually, this helps preserve the texture and flavor well.

2. Tortilla Warming Plates

If you want something more extravagant, you can also look into purchasing and maintaining tortilla warming plates. These are devices that when turned on, keep your tortillas warm for hours! The heat that comes from this appliance is not hot enough to burn your tortillas, but warm enough to keep them hot and ready.

No longer will you have to wonder ‘How Long Does a Tortilla Last’ since these easy-to-use warming plates do the job for you! Have extras? Simply use another storage method listed below!

3. Store in a Microwave

 How do you keep tortillas from getting hard?

The third storage method to use when thinking about How Long Does a Tortilla Last has to be the easiest! The greatest thing about these delicious corn tortillas is that they are light and also last a long time outside of the fridge. Actually, it is best to not store tortillas in cooler areas where moisture can get in the bag.

To make your tortillas last longer, you should place them in the microwave. I always recommend covering them though. You can place your tortillas in a plastic container, glass Tupperware, or even wrapped around in a cloth or napkins.

4. Tin Foil and Napkins

As long as you wrap your leftover tortillas, they can last you quite a long time! Although using a cloth or napkins does the trick, the best way to answer How Long Does a Tortilla Last, is to use tin foil. This aluminum foil material is thick and light enough to store heat.

Keeping the heat from escaping the tortillas and their space makes this a preferred method. Since most tortilla making companies make these delicious treats in factories, there is usually already a storage method such as a plastic bag. However, if you make tortillas form scratch, wrap the leftovers in aluminum foil.


All in all, we hope you have learned something new about how long does a tortilla last! These delicious flat corn cakes are a favorite in my home and go great with so many recipes! However, I often find tortillas get hard and strive to make tortillas fresh longer.

Let us know in the comments down below anything interesting about how long does a tortilla last! Also, if you know anyone else interested in learning tips and tricks while cooking authentic Mexican food, send them our way! As long as you cover tortillas, they should hold well on their own.


Can you eat expired tortillas?

Yes! An expiration date is mostly meant for the sellers. You can still use expired tortillas as long as they smell and feel good to eat.

How can you tell if tortillas are bad?

Tortillas that are bad grow mold and bacteria that causes green or white growth. Not only that, but bad tortillas are hard and will break apart with a stale flavor.

How do you keep tortillas from getting hard?

You should tightly seal tortillas in a bag or place them in the fridge to prevent them from hardening.