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If you have ever had a stomach ache or headache, you may have wondered epazote- where to buy, since it is like a miracle herb. Epazote is a delicious delight you can add to your cooking or brew the leaves as a medicinal tea. Either way, you use it, it’s a great addition to your diet!

In detail below are ways to find Epazote near you and how to use it. You never know when this aromatic herb will come in handy!

What Is Epazote?

Fresh Epazote is a herb that is mainly found in Mexico and other Latin American countries. The herb has fresh and aromatic leaves that are long! Surprisingly, this plant can grow up to four feet in height and three feet wide. Its leaves are jagged and have a unique pattern easy to locate.

This particular herb plant is found all year round, although it is usually harvested during Winter. There are so many ways to use Epazote in your daily life! Although it is more popular to use Fresh Epazote leaves, you can also use the dried version!

The flavor is also very strong! So strong, in fact, that you can smell Epazote feet away! Interestingly, although the leaves are the main attraction of this herb plant, it does flower! The flowers, however, are very small and green! You can simply cut them off, before cooking with the leaves.

 epazote leaves where to buy

The History Of Epazote

Did you know that the history of Epazote is rich and long? This herb plant has been around for millions of years and humans have documented its use in Latin American indigenous cultures for thousands of years. Epazote fresh leaves are native to Mexico and Guatemala. The first original use was to ward off ‘negative’ spirits or energy by lightning the leaves.

However, in Latin America, it was also used to treat illnesses and alignments. It is said to treat stomach aches and headaches really well! Interestingly, this herb is still used today by Mayan-speaking people in Latin America. The plant thrives in hot and dry areas, like desserts, and can be found throughout Mexico naturally!

Epazote is also used in Europe and the Caribbean. This is because the Europeans brought back Epazote along with other native Mexican plants to Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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The Health Benefits Of Epazote

There are also a lot of health benefits to using and eating Epazote! While some people swear that you can make an Epazote pace for your skincare, it is often drunk as tea. When the leaves are brewed, the contents of the leaves are in the liquid.

The nutrients and vitamins Epazote provides are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Antioxidants
  • Calcium
  • Folic Acid
  • Potassium
  • Limonene

There have not been extensive studies into using Epazote as a medicine, and yet still a lot of people purchase Epazote dried leaves to make teas to treat their constipation, headaches, inflammation, stomach pain, and skin breakouts. Some experts don’t recommend, however, pregnant women to consume Epazote as it can be toxic. However, there is not enough research or data to back up the claim.

 epazote where to buy

Epazote Where To Buy Near You

If you live in an area where there are a lot of Latin Americans, it may be very easy to find Epazote leaves. You can usually find these leaves in Spanish grocery stores or corner shops. Rarely, do large American stores sell Epazote leaves fresh or dried.

Sometimes, it is common for people to not know there are well. If you do not feel confident in your search, you can always use the internet or a common friend! Using a search engine, I recommend typing keywords like ‘epazote leaves where to buy’ or ‘epazote where to buy’. Depending on your results, you can make your decision.

It is also important to consider what kind of Epazote you want before looking and buying it. For instance, some dishes require dried leaves, while others fresh leaves. You can also make your own dried leaves using fresh Epazote leaves.

You can find local Epazote plants. They are easy to grow and thrive in various different climates. It is not uncommon to see Epazote growing in a large container for consumption. This will give you a steady supply of fresh leaves if you have time, patience, and a green thumb!

How To Use Epazote

As stated previously, there are so many uses that Epazote leaves can be used for. One of the most common ways is as a tea. You can brew a tea from a teaspoon of Epazote dried leaves.  To add flavor, as the tea can be strong and bitter, you can also add natural flavors. Since the tea is usually for medicinal purposes, it would not hurt to also add ginger to the mix.

It is uncommon to see tea bags with Epazote leaves. Most of the time, people have to brew it themselves using a stovetop or fire. You can make your own mixture and stored it in a cool area away from humidity as it can cause mold and reactions.

There are also some people who use Epazote in their cooking! Some of the most common Mexican and Latin American dishes that use Epazote leaves are:

  • Black Beans with Epazote
  • Epazote Salsa with Guacamole
  • Arroz Verde
  • Green Chile Enchiladas

Truthfully though, the recipes are endless! While there are traditional Mexican dishes that use Epazote, you can add the flavorful and bitter herb to any dish you would like. Keep in mind though, a little goes a long way!


All in all, Epazote is a fragrant herb local to Mexico and other Latin American countries. While this is the case, the herb grows well in other climates and continents like Europe and Asia. In its beginning, the herb was used for medicinal purposes and Mayan rituals.

Now, the leaves are used in recipes and teas for their various health benefits. What do you think of this article? Did you learn anything new about Epazote leaves? If you did, leave a comment below and share this article with your friends and family!