Where To Buy Guava Jelly

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It isn’t uncommon to wonder where to buy guava jelly since it is such a delicious treat enjoyed all around the world. Guava fruit jelly or jam is scrumptious and a great addition to any breakfast or snack. Usually, the jam is eaten as a dessert or snack.

Guava Jam is sweet! It is sweet and smooth. Most of the time, this type of jam does not have seeds or raw pieces of fruit. If you are looking to find out more about Guava Jelly and where it comes from, this article details the information below!

What Is Guava Jelly

Guava fruits are everything! There are over dozens of varieties of Guava fruit all around the world. Guava Jelly is a jam made out of Guavas that you use to smear on toast, tortillas, and crackers. Guava fruits come from a tree and are of various colors.

Although we will be specifically discussing Mexican Guava Jelly that is a light pink or yellow color, Guavas can be very vivid! In the Caribbean Islands, Guava fruits are a reddish-pink on the inside and eaten raw or as liquid marmalade.

While you can buy Guava Jelly in stores, you can also make your own. Surprisingly, it is not difficult to make Guava Jelly from scratch. You will need a few ingredients though, like Guava fruit, water, and sugar. These are the basic ingredients, however, you can modify them to add any extra flavors or sweeteners you would like.

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The History Of Guava Jelly

You can trace back the history of Guava jelly for thousands of years! In Mexico, the Guava variety Mexican White Guava Tree Plant produces small fruit. The Guava fruit is slightly smaller than a softball and everything about the fruit is edible! You can eat the skin of the fruit, the inside, and the seeds!

Since the trees grow throughout Mexico and Latin America, there are a lot of recipes that use Guavas and jam. The first mention of a Guava or Guava jelly was in Peru during 800 BCE. Archeologists have now uncovered that it only took 400 years for the fruit and sweet jam to spread to Mexico.

Guava fruits stayed in Latin America, including the Caribbean for thousands of years before Europeans conquered the Americas and took Guava plants to Europe in amazement. Before Europeans began marketing Guava Jam and jelly, Latin Americans were using the fruits for medicinal purposes.

The health benefits of consuming ripe Guavas include aiding in stomach aches, digestive issues, and providing your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive!

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What Can You Use Guava Jelly For?

There are so many ways to use and consume Guava Jelly! This delicious spread or jam is a great addition to crackers, tortillas, and bread. Like strawberry or grape jelly, Guava jelly can be used as a breakfast item. It goes well with coffee in the mornings or a tall glass of Orange juice.

Interestingly, Guava jelly is not only a spread but a filling! You can make authentic Mexican pastries with Guava jelly filling. One of the most popular ones is a Tres Leches cake with Guava Jelly in the middle. You can also make a yellow cake with Guava jam in the middle. The best way to do this is to cut the cakes into two separate parts so that you can spread the light jam.

Where To Buy Guava Jelly?

Now, how do you look for Guava jelly? You are in luck, this delicious item is easy to find nearly everywhere! Since Guava jelly is not only a delight in Mexico, it is a popular item consumed in Latin American and Caribbean countries. You may have the best luck looking at your local supermarkets ‘Hispanic’ or ‘International foods’ section.

If you can’t find it in your local grocery store, you may have to look for a Hispanic grocery store that sells various different food groups. If you are having trouble locating a store that sells Guava jelly, it is a good idea to try and search online. I recommend typing ‘where to buy Guava Jelly near me’ in your search bar. Once you get the responses and results, you can choose one that matches your preferences.

In the store, look for a canned fruit section. Although jams are usually in this section, they can also be in the dry breakfast item area near the cereal. Since Guava jelly is eaten during breakfast, like other jams, it may be there.

How To Choose The Best Guava Jelly

Not all Guava jellies are made the same, but they all have their own charm! For instance, some Guava jellies are tougher, while others are more similar to a liquid. Depending on what you want to use your Guava jelly for is the type you should buy.

For instance, if you like to taste the fruit or a crunchier texture, you should choose a Guava jam with raw fruit inside. This way, you can have both the sweet flavor, with the crunchier texture. However, if you want a jelly that slides evenly on toast or other objects, it is best to purchase a jam that is smooth.

There are also additional flavors that companies infuse with Guava jelly. For instance, you may find in a grocery store Guava Jelly with hints of honey or mango. This is not uncommon and gives your dishes a kick of flavor. However, not everyone wants extra flavors.

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In conclusion, Guava jelly is a delicious spread that has many purposes. The history is also rich and long. It is an interesting item because the fruit is native to Latin America and yet thrives in nearly all climates. This has produced the invention of Guava jelly, which is a sweet jam made primarily from Guava fruits. It is treated as a dessert and spread. The best way to find this jelly is by looking in the ‘Hispanic’ section of your grocery store.

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