How To Cut Serrano Peppers In 4 Quick And Easy Steps

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When looking up how to cut serrano peppers, it is good to go over important safety measures. Serrano peppers are very hot and can burn your lips, eyes, and mouth if you are not careful. Have you ever cooked with hot peppers? The oils in the air can be painful!

I recommend always wearing gloves when you cut hot peppers and keeping the steam away from your face so you don’t burn your sensitive eyes! In just four quick and easy steps, you will have perfectly cut serrano peppers ready to be eaten raw or cooked!

What Are Serrano Peppers?

So, before we can learn how to cut serrano peppers, we need to know basic information about serrano peppers. What are they? Serrano peppers have an interesting origin. They are one of many Mexican peppers that grow and thrive in mountainous regions.

These delicious peppers are also colorful, and are typically picked when they are a bright green. However, from bright green, serrano peppers turn red and dark purple. Some varieties are used when they are either orange or red.

These small and popular peppers are like jalapeno peppers, however, they only grow up to 4 inches long. They are smaller than jalapenos and yet pack a lot more heat! Actually, serrano peppers pack up to give times more heat than a jalapeno pepper!

 Do I need gloves to cut serrano pepper?

Can you Eat Pepper Seeds?

Although seeds don’t taste the best as they are very spicy, you can still eat them! Hot pepper seeds are not toxic. However, they do taste slightly bitter and are often taken out when people use them for recipes. That being said, when blended into other recipes and foods, you can’t tell the difference!

If you choose to remove the hot pepper seeds, start by peeling the serrano pepper. Then, cut one end, scoop out the seeds. I like to dry the seeds as they are good for growing and storage!

How To Eat Serrano Peppers

Eating serrano peppers after you learn how to cut serrano peppers, is actually easy! There are many ways you can eat these delicious hot peppers. If you want them raw, you can take a bite! However, they can be too hot for those of us not used to eating spicy foods.

Other times, you will find serrano pepper flavors in many dishes. To get these flavors, you can blend and bake dried serrano peppers to create a hot and colorful powder. Looking to eat them in dishes? Why not cook serrano peppers for breakfast dishes like cheesy scrambled eggs!

 Do you need to peel serrano peppers?

How To Cut Serrano Peppers

Listed below are four simply steps to learn and consider when looking into how to cut serrano peppers.

Step 1: Wear Gloves and Protective Gear

During the first step in how to cut serrano peppers, wear gloves and protective gear. It might sound silly, but these peppers can do a lot of damage if you are not careful! The oil secreted by these hot peppers can cause skin reactions as well as burns in sensitive areas. Some people use eye protective gear to avoid the oils.

Step 2: Cut the End With the Stem

First, to open a serrano pepper, you have to find the end with the stem. Almost all serrano peppers you buy in grocery stores or farmers markets are attached to the stem. This stem protects the inside of the serrano peppers and has what looks like a cap.

On top of a cutting board, cut the end of the serrano pepper with this step. You can also pop off the stem and ‘cap’, but it is harder to do as a beginner.

Step 3: Clear the Hot Pepper

Scoop the seeds out of the serrano pepper and the guts with a spoon or fork. Although you can keep the seeds, getting rid of them makes it easier to slice through the thick walls!

Step 4: Slice and Dice

During step 4, slice the serrano peppers vertically. There is no right way to slice or dice as every recipe though calls for different sizes.

Tips And Tricks To Consider When Learning How To Cut Serrano Peppers

Listed below are quick tips and tricks to consider when learning how to cut serrano peppers. First, know that these peppers are very hot, the oil is the worst part. Don’t touch your face or skin directly after you have handled these hot peppers, especially with the seeds!

Wear strong gloves that do not have perfume or scents. This can mess with a serrano pepper’s flavor! Did you accidentally cut too many serrano peppers? That is okay! You can freeze leftovers for easy storage and they last up to 6 months in the freezer. However, the heat can lower.

Peeling the skin of serrano peppers is not necessary, but some people don’t like the thicker texture. When looking to cook , fry, or simmer serrano peppers, try cutting these peppers into thin slices. Thick slices are harder to cook. You will end up with a cooked outside with a raw inside.

Growing Your Own Serrano Peppers

Did you know that you can also grow your own serrano peppers? If you save seeds, you can grow serrano peppers from from seeds. However, some growers use pesticides and other fertilizers that limit the growth of seeds. When growing your own serrano peppers, make sure that the soil is moist while also grainy.

Pepper plants love the sun! Place your pot of serrano peppers outside or in an area with lots of sun. The temperature though should be under 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

 How do you remove stems from serrano peppers?


When looking into how to cut serrano peppers, it is good to start with the basics! First, gather the materials as well as the ingredients you will need. Remember to always use a cutting board that is clean and has not been used by other ingredients like raw meat.

Hopefully you have learned something interesting while reading our quick and informative tutorial on how to cut serrano peppers! Let us know your thoughts down below, we are always ready and excited to hear from you! Know anyone else interested in learning how to cut serrano peppers? Send them our way!


Do I need gloves to cut serrano pepper?

You should use gloves to cut serrano peppers. However, adding coconut or olive oil to your hands can repel the hot oil produced by serrano peppers.

Do you need to peel serrano peppers?

You do not need to peel serrano peppers unless you are dehydrating them to make these peppers into a powder or chili flake seasoning.

Do you remove seeds from serrano peppers?

You can eat serrano pepper seeds, but it is best to remove them from the plant. They are bitter.

How do you remove stems from serrano peppers?

I remove the stems by popping and pulling at the 'cap' with the stem. However, if this is too hard, thinly slice the area.