The Perfect Tortilla Bowl Maker Instructions With 3 Easy And Amazingly Quick Steps!

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Who doesn’t love eating a delicious tortilla or taco bowl? Listed below, we are going to learn about the perfect tortilla bowl maker instructions including various other ways to make these delicious and crunchy bowls!

These can be made for friends and family in large scales. However, many tortilla mold makers are small and only hold up to one tortilla bowl. First, before we can dive into how to use a small tortilla maker though, we should know the history behind tortillas as well as how to make the masa for a tortilla.

The History Of Tortillas

So, what is the history of tortillas? A lot of authentic Mexican food we know and love today are a mixture of indigenous Latin American culture and Spanish culture. Surprisingly though, tortillas have been around since before the Spanish conquered Mexico.

Actually, from what we know, historians estimate that tortillas have existed for 10,000 years. However, they are slightly different from what we know as tortillas today. These delicious and flat ‘breads’ were treated as cakes and mainly made with Maiz flour made by hand.

Maiz, for those who do not know, means corn in Spanish. Maiz was a staple food in Mexico for thousands of years and still is today! There are dozens of different varieties of corn that have their own special colors, textures, and flavors. Some of these corn varieties are used to make delicious tortilla bowls.

When the Spanish came to Latin America though, there were some changes. They brought cattle, cheese, and various other new food items and began to blend the cultures together. They liked the tortillas, but wanted a taste of home and soon used cow and pig meat instead of beans and squash to eat the dish.

 How do you use a tortilla bowl maker?

What Are Tortilla Bowls?

Now that we know the overall history of tortillas in Mexico, we can dive into what tortilla bowls are and the perfect tortilla bowl maker instructions. Tortilla bowls are made of the same masa and ingredients as regular tortillas, except the shape is different and the style of cooking.

You use a masa, that is mainly made of a Maiz flour, water, and sometimes seasonings and eggs. When you mix the ingredients, it is not a perfect liquid that comes out, but a thicker masa or dough that is easy to manipulate and move around with some stickiness.

Once the masa is done, you can shape it into a ‘bowl’ and in the bowl, once it is cooked, you can place whatever foods you would like and eat directly from the bowl. It is a fun and unique way of eating food!

The Perfect Tortilla Bowl Maker Instructions

So, what are the perfect tortilla bowl maker instructions? There are three steps to this set of perfect tortilla bowl maker instructions that use a specific maker. Keep in mind though, that each tortilla bowl maker is unique and has their own set of instructions to follow!

In this example and steps, I will be using a marker that comes with a small kit you plug into the wall. It heats up and cooks the crunchy tortilla bowl without the use of oil.

 small tortilla maker

1. Make the Masa

The first step, no matter what perfect tortilla bowl maker instructions is to make the masa. There is no way to start this project and delicious dish without making the actual dough! You can easily find a recipe online as it depends entirely on what you like to eat and the flavors behind the food!

2. Spray the Tortilla Bowl Maker

Before you can add the mix or masa to the tortilla bowl maker, it is important to also spray the tortilla bowl maker so that the masa does not stick or burn. The spray will make sure that it completely comes off of the tortilla bowl maker with ease!

3. Cook for 3-5 Minutes

Close the lid on the tortilla bowl maker, and wait about 3-5 minutes. You can open and check on the tortilla bowl, but you should know that letting out too much heat and air will slow down the process! A light will turn on when the device believes the tortilla bowl is done. Want it crunchier? Leave it in a little longer!

Tools to Make the Perfect Tortilla Bowl Maker Instructions

What tools do you need to use the perfect tortilla bowl maker instructions? Easy! You will need a clean work station with a large bowl, whisk, paper towels, and more! In the instructions, it will guide you further as every kit has their own set of rules and guidelines.

Truthfully, most of the time the perfect tortilla bowl maker instructions comes with the tools inside of the kit! This makes it easier and quicker to complete your delicious tortilla bowl!

Tips And Tricks

There are also many tips and tricks you can use to perfect making your delicious tortilla bowl! For example, although you can use a small tortilla maker kit, some people use pans that directly go inside of the oven! This does take longer, but gives you the ability and capacity to make more then one tortilla bowls!

If you want a bit more flavor or an oil or butter, the spray that you use on the pan or the maker can be oil based! This way, you get a crispy and delicious tortilla bowl without the added calories and too much frying! Some people also deep fry their own tortilla bowls, but this only works if you have the equipment.

 What kind of pan do you cook tortillas on?


All in all, the perfect tortilla bowl maker instructions are made in each tortilla bowl maker! If you are more specifics, I recommend reading through the box of instructions on the specific tortilla bowl maker or mold that you buy.

Although they are all relatively the same, I still recommend making a few changes like making the masa first and spraying down the equipment. Have you learned anything new about the perfect tortilla bowl maker instructions? If you have, let us know! And don’t be afraid to share this article with friends!


How do you use a tortilla bowl maker?

These simple to use tortilla bowl makers are great! You can simply spray the tortilla bowl maker with a non-stick spray and add the tortilla mixture. Close the lid and it will cook quickly! There are also options for pans that go in the oven, these do take longer though.

What kind of pan do you cook tortillas on?

You cook tortillas on a flat plan or skillet that is non-stick, if you are making a bowl though there is a specific pan that has the shape of a bowl with the waviness on the top.