5 Delicious And Tasty Traditional Mexican Drinks Non Alcoholic

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Not everyone is a big fan of alcohol, thankfully there are delicious traditional Mexican drinks non alcoholic drinks that suit just about anyone and their preferences. Looking for a few ideas? Then, you have come to the right place! We have many suggestions for you.

There are drinks perfect for kids that utilize sugar and fresh fruits for a sweet and tangy taste. Not all Mexican drinks contain alcohol, which makes it a great addition to any family gathering and party! The best one for tacos and meals though, depends on your own testbeds and preferences.

The Best Mexican Drinks For Kids

What are the best Mexican drinks for kids? There is no one answer to this question as all kids have their own taste buds and preferences. However, many kids love sweet and sour drinks that are full of sugar! Not sure what to serve your kid at a party or get-together?

I recommend looking into traditional Mexican drinks non-alcoholic like agua frescas! The best thing about these drinks is that they are natural and introduce fruit to your kids, which is healthy in moderation. You may be wondering to yourself, what are agua frescas?

Agua frescas translates to fresh waters. However, it is really a watery drink that uses diluted fresh fruits packed with flavor. Don’t let the word ‘diluted’ scare you away though, these traditional Mexican drinks non-alcoholic are still delicious!

You can use just about any fruit, but the most common ones that kids will happily drink are strawberry, lime, and watermelon! These refreshing drinks are perfect for a summer pool party and hot blazing day!

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When To Mexican Fruit Drinks Non-Alcoholic

Mexican fruit drinks that are non-alcoholic and super refreshing! Fruits have such a way of hydrating your body and your soul, while also giving you lots of flavors to admire and enjoy! So, when is the perfect time to enjoy Mexican fruit drinks?

Personally, I always like to make these drinks for my kids on a hot sunny morning or afternoon. It is a refreshing snack that can be enjoyed next to the pool after either a hard days of work or simply relaxing in the sun.

The best part about fruit drinks is that I can make many of them in advance. Don’t want to work to hard making traditional Mexican drinks non-alcoholic? That is okay! You can simply make a lot of one Mexican fruit juice or drink in a large pitcher and store it in the fridge.

5 Traditional Mexican Drinks Non-Alcoholic

Listed below are five unique and traditional Mexican drinks non-alcoholic you can make, buy, and enjoy with your family!

1. Agua Frescas

Agua frescas are delicious and a favorite for many. These delicious fresh juices or water use various fruits for additional flavors. The powerful flavors is nothing compared to the amazing and hydrating properties of these fruit juices.

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These are great for kids and families on the go that want to increase their sugar levels in a healthy and normal way! I personally love making agua frescas of many flavors, but the best is watermelon! The sweet taste of watermelon combined with cool ice cubes emphasizes the flavors and refreshing factors.

2. Fresh Fruit Smoothies

What about smoothies? Fresh fruit smoothies are similar to agua frescas, except the flavor of the fruits in smoothies is not diluted or watered down. Instead, you can blend fresh fruits that are traditional and abundant in Mexico! This is a common practice in the country and you can find fruit smoothie stands everywhere.

The most common type of fresh fruit smoothie is mango since mangos grow throughout Mexico. The sweet and tangy flavors of mangos pair well with various dishes.

3. Hot Mexican Coffee

Yum, yum, yum, who doesn’t want to enjoy a tasty and powerful hot Mexican coffee? This is not for kids, but can be enjoyed by adults no matter what time of the day. The delicious flavors of hot Mexican coffee make it a great addition to any cool winter or fall night.

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Think about it, you can drink one of these coffee traditional Mexican drinks non alcoholic with friends and in the comfort of your home! The caffeine will keep you up for hours, which is why it is best saved for a night where you don’t have anything to do the next following day.

4. Hot Mexican Chocolate

Hot Mexican chocolate is undue. Although everywhere in the world has its own version of a hot chocolate, Mexico is the original creator of this drink! Coffee beans and cacao are especially abundant in Mexico and grow in the fertile land like nothing!

This Mexican chocolate also uses traces of cinnamon, depending on who makes it. There are many brands to choose from and types. Some people prefer using syrups, while others are happy to use the block of chocolate that slowly melts into the milk.

5. Horchata

Another traditional Mexican non-alcoholic drink is Horchata! Nearly all Latin American countries have their own version of this delicious rice and milk drink. While sometimes you can order and make it with alcohol, it makes a delicious and traditional Mexican non-alcoholic drink.

Horchata is made up of a few ingredients that ferment well together to create this delicious drink. It is definitely a preference as not everyone likes to drink horchata. The non-alcoholic version has been around for thousands of years and was enjoyed throughout the world before reaching Mexico.

 What non-alcoholic drink goes well with tacos?


All in all, there are many traditional Mexican drinks non-alcoholic to choose from! It is okay to not want to drink alcohol and instead enjoy making drinks for your friends, children, and older family.  Each of these traditional Mexican drinks non-alcoholic has its own unique flavors and purposes!

If you learned anything new about these delicious and traditional Mexican drinks non-alcoholic, please let us know in the comments section! We are happy to hear from you! Also, don’t forget to share this article with friends also interested in enjoying non-alcoholic Mexican beverages.


What non-alcoholic drink goes well with tacos?

So many! Personally, I like drinking horchata with tacos because the sweet and cooling milky rice drink pairs well with the hot and spicy flavors I add onto my tacos. However, fruity drinks also work well like a mango smoothie or fresh jamaica juice!