5 Surprising Peruano Bean Health Benefits

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Beans are good for your brain, heart, and blood, which is why there should be no surprise that we will be looking into Peruano bean health benefits. What does the word ‘Peruano’ mean? It is actually the Spanish word for Peruvian. These beans are unique, smooth, and can strengthen your overall physical health.

Throughout this blog, we will discuss more information about what the beans are, the health benefits attributed to these beans, and how to cook them properly! Peruano bean health benefits are fascinating, but not the only things left to discuss. Growing these beans can also bring you joy and serenity!

What Are Peruano Beans?

So, what exactly are Peruano beans? This is an understandable question to ask. Almost all Latin American and Caribbean countries have their own native beans that grow wild and are culturally known. Peruano beans are served in many traditional and cultural Peruvian dishes since the beans are found in abundance there.

Although they are the size of a pinto bean, they are not! Another common name for Peruano beans is Mayocoba beans. Interestingly enough, the indigenous people living in Peru have eaten this bean variety for thousands of years, as depicted and written in texts.

However, it was not introduced and spread throughout the world until the 15th century where the variety found its way in Mexico and was reintroduced through cross-breeding.

 Are Peruano beans good for you?

Peruano Bean Health Benefits

The Peruano bean health benefits are endless! These small-sized legumes are actually packed with lots of fiber, proteins, and other nutrients necessary to function and live a healthy lifestyle. The best part about these small beans is how nutritious and delicious they are! Low in calories, you can never have too much!

One of the biggest health benefits that comes with eating and growing Peruano beans nutrition is that it aids in the first few months of early pregnancy. Women who take prenatal vitamins may be aware of the importance of eating enough folic acid. Thankfully, this is one of the main nutrients found in Peruano beans.

Some studies have actually shown that this type of bean can decrease a woman’s risk of developing colon cancer with consistent consumption. However, this also requires a steady diet of hydrating fresh fruits and vegetables.

How To Cook Peruano Beans

The most important thing that you should know about cooking and eating Peruano beans is that they can be toxic if eaten raw! Experts do not recommend eating beans that have not been cleaned, soaked, and cooked. Some brands sell Peruano beans pre-cooked sitting in water and oil.

 Do Peruano beans have protein?

Although there is nothing wrong with using the cooked and canned version of Peruano beans, the taste is drastically different compared to raw and dry Peruano beans. We will be learning how to cook dry Peruano beans, this is both cheaper and tastier!

Peruano bean health benefits mean nothing if you don’t know how to cook them. First, you start by cleaning and rinsing the beans. Since the bean production is long, there is no way of knowing how long the beans have been in storage, which means that bugs and dust can cover your beans! Before cook, the beans, clean them.

Once you rinse water over the Peruano beans twice, you can start the soaking process. This is technically not necessary and you can speed it up with a trick we will dive into later. In a large pot, usually, the same one you are planning to cook and serve the beans in, you will cover the beans in cold water.

Store the pot with cold water and Canary beans in the fridge for a minimum of 8 hours. However, this is best to cook after at least an overnight soak. The beans will soak in the water and soften up, making the cooking process both quicker and easier.

In the morning, with salt, water, and whatever other seasonings and vegetables you would like, you are going to boil the mixture for an hour on medium to low. Stir occasionally and check for softness.

 Does Peruano beans have iron?

What To Eat Peruano Beans With

Peruano bean health benefits are great, especially if you eat them with equally nutritious side dishes! A lot of Peruvian households prefer to cook Peruano beans with rice as the flavors and textures mesh well together. White rice can be bland, while Peruano beans are flavorful and smooth.

The soft texture of these beans is a favorite because it feels like butter the way it melts into your mouth. The Peruano bean health benefits is an additional reason that the dish is delicious! You can eat healthy, while also eating and enjoying bursts of flavor.

You can also cook these beans and add toppings on top. Some people prefer Peruano beans to look like a stew or soup! The soup is perfect for individuals who want to add a sprinkle of lime!

Tips And Tricks On Making, Serving, And Storing Peruano Beans

To best push out the Peruano bean health benefits, it is best to use my tips and tricks on making, serving, and storing this delicious and nutritious dish. The first thing I highly recommend is using a crockpot. Are you in a rush and don’t want to soak the beans for hours on end? Then, you are in luck!

Pressure cookers have an option to pressure cook beans quickly. However, you should always rinse the beans with cool water before placing them in the pressure cooker pot.


All in all, Peruano bean health benefits are fantastic because they are endless. It is best to know so that you can plan on eating a side dish filled with beneficial iron and proteins. These nutrients are important and necessary to live a long and healthy life!

Did you learn anything interesting or new about Peruano bean health benefits and how to make them? Let us know in the comment section below. These magical beans are packed with flavor and yet are smooth like butter, practically melting on our tongues. Don’t forget to share this article with others interested in Peruano bean health benefits.


Are Peruano beans good for you?

Peruano beans are natural and especially good for you! These nutritious beans are a delight and high in proteins as well as calcium, which are very good for your heart!

Does Peruano beans have iron?

Like most beans, these Peruano beans also have iron! Actually, in one serving of Peruano beans, there is 24% of our daily suggested iron intake.

Do Peruano beans have protein?

Yes! These delicious Peruano beans are also filled with proteins. It is a staple in many Latin American diets and for good reason! One serving of Peruano beans is 32% of the daily intake of a person!