What To Use Bacon Fat for: 4 Amazing and Simple Answers

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Although it is common for people to think and state that bacon fat is bad, it is also okay to wonder ‘what to use bacon fat for’. Bacon is not bad though, but you should eat it carefully and in small amounts. A diet high in fat and grease can lead to health problems like clogged arteries and high cholesterol.

This should not scare you away from eating, storing, or cooking bacon fat though! This precious and easy-to-make item can help you with your health and is delicious! The fat is perfect for frying and has the consistency of butter while stored at cool and room temperatures.

What Is Bacon Fat?

So, what exactly is bacon fat? Before we can dive into how to use this delicious type of fat, we need to understand and state what bacon fat is. When you cook bacon, there is a layer of grease that the meat expels. The thing about bacon fat is that not all bacon produces large amounts of fat.

If you want to use and cook with bacon fat, the style of bacon has to be pork. This meat cutting is full of fat and grease, that cooks into the pan and away from the bacon. Before going through what to use bacon fat for, it is best to understand how to render fat from the bacon.

The main way to separate fat from the bacon is to cook it in the oven and use a separating mat. This mat should have holes large enough for the fat and grease to drip into. Although it is possible to try this tip in hot oil, the oil can actually mix in with the grease and fat from the bacon, changing the flavor and consistency.

Under the mat, the grease collects in the pan, away from the bacon. Now that you know what bacon fat is, we can dive into what to use bacon fat for.

 how to render fat from bacon

How To Eat Bacon Fat

How do you eat bacon fat? This is tricky because although we can cook with the fat and use it throughout our daily lives, experts do not recommend eating it in large amounts and raw. At the end of the day, bacon fat is still filled with fat and grease that can increase cholesterol and risk for heart problems.

Instead of eating bacon fat as a solid, we can cook it and eat in with our foods! It is important to know your limits though as bacon fat can cause digestive issues like stomach ache. Think of bacon grease like butter, delicious to use, but maybe not to take a huge bite out of!

The Benefits Of Cooking Bacon Fat

There are benefits that come with cooking bacon fat. As we discuss what to use bacon fat for, the benefits are a must to highlight! Although some people like to vilinify butter and bacon, there is nothing wrong with eating either of these things! The biggest problem is with overconsumption.

So, what to use bacon fat for depends on how you want to use it. If you want to cook it in your food, it does give you a great amount of fat and proteins! This special type of meat is also chalk full of B vitamins that help strengthen important organs like our heart and lungs!

Cooking bacon fat is also a great way to save money! Not only are there health benefits, but using the leftover grease from bacon also can save you money each month on butter and oils.

 Is bacon fat healthier than butter?

What To Use Bacon Fat For

The thing with bacon fat is that the possibilities are endless, you don’t have to worry about what to use bacon fat for, once you are done reading this section. While it is tempting to only use bacon fat is cooking, you can also use it for DIY crafts!

Did you know that some companies use leftover bacon grease as a base for their products like candles and lip balms? It is possible to use this solid grease as a base because of how soft and palpable it is. The bacon fat can be formed and sculpted well to create a lip balm or candle.

Now that you know what to use bacon fat for, let’s dive into tips and tricks to helping you make, eat, cook, and store the bacon grease.

Tips On Using Bacon Fat

Have any spare containers with a tight lid? It does not matter if the container is made of glass or plastic, bacon fat can easily be cooked and stored on the spot! Are you afraid of dark meat hanging in the bacon grease? You should not worry! There are many ways to quickly process bacon fat so that it is pure grease.

 Is bacon fat worth saving?

The easiest way to do this is by using an air fryer. This is because the small holes on the bottom of the basket are small enough so that bits of bacon do not fall in. Once the bacon is crispy, the bottom pan can be taken out. Collect the grease while it is still hot and in liquid form.

I really recommend working with fresh bacon fat when preserving and storing it, this way you can strain the grease for any bacon particles left behind.

Storing Bacon Fat

Storing bacon fat and grease is almost as easy as making it! This type of grease and fat stores well and rarely needs additional help. Although you can place a jar inside of the fridge, bacon grease is okay to be left out unrefrigerated.


All in all, there are a lot of beneficial things you can learn about what to use bacon fat for. Have you learned anything new or interesting about what to use bacon fat for? The possibilities are endless! Although this grease is gold compared to butter and canola oil, you should still limit your consumption.

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 What can you use bacon grease for besides cooking?


What can you use bacon grease for besides cooking?

Did you know that you can use bacon grease to feed birds? They enjoy the sticky and proteins filled substance. If you want to, you can also role the grease in seeds and bird treats.

Is bacon fat healthier than butter?

This is a hard question to answer! Bacon fat can be healthy and unhealthy depending on how much you consume of this grease. However, it is also important to consider that bacon does have less saturated fats, making it easier to digest. Butter, on the other hand, does have vitamins from the milk and dairy used to make the butter.

Is bacon fat worth saving?

Yes! Bacon fat is a life saver and comes with a lot of benefits. You can make candles and moisturizers out of this natural grease, while also cooking with it. Looking to save a few bucks every month? Save bacon fat so you won't have to buy butter or lard.