6 Light And Refreshing Recipes Using Frozen Mango Chunks

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Mangos are a real treat, which is why I am so excited to share with you recipes using frozen mango chunks! There are so many recipes to choose from that it was hard for me to limit this list to only six light and refreshing mango chunk recipes!

Do you have a lot of leftover mangos and don’t want them to go bad before you can use them? No worries! There are plenty of ways to preserve mangos for both flavor, sweetness, texture, and more! Down below, we will dive into frozen mango chunks and how to use them in delicious and authentic Mexican recipes!

What Are Mangos?

Mangos are orange and yellow fruit high in vitamin C! This acidic fruit is common in many parts of the world and grows well in tropical environments. Although there is nothing better then picking one of these fresh fruits from a tree in your own home, many stores sell them fresh and delicious!

Mango trees are part of the family Anacardiaceae, which is also a family that has cashew trees! Surprisingly, many countries have their own variety of mangos! The Mexican known mango is sweet and small. It grows to about the size of an average hand and is easy to peel.

Tropical mangos in the Caribbean are different as they are larger and have a tougher texture. The sweet levels are harder to reach because the mango needs to ripen! Sadly, as many of us know, mangos do not last forever and can begin to rot and change flavors in just one day!

 Are frozen mango chunks healthy?

The Health Benefits Of Mangos

Did you know that there are amazing health benefits to eating and growing mangos? For example, when looking for recipes using frozen mango chunks, you will be happy to know that mangos are extremely nutritious and hydrating!

Not only is the flavor tangy, unique, and powerful, but so are the nutrients! One serving of mango contains only about 100 calories. This low-calorie snack is made of sugar, but the sugars are natural! However, if you choose to use dried mango strips, the calorie count does go up since sugars are added!

The same goes for drinks, mangos are delicious in moderation, but if you eat too much of them they can easily increase your blood sugar levels!

Best Ways To Preserve Mangos

When looking for recipes using frozen mango chunks, you should focus on preserving these mangos. While there is nothing wrong with buying frozen mango chunks from the store, you can also cut mangos you buy and preserve them in plastic bags in your freezer!

 How do you cook a frozen mango?

The best way to preserve a mango is by using the freezer! As tempting as it is to place it in room temperature, this can cause the delicious mangos to rot and lose their flavor quickly. Fun fact, if you want to ripen your mango fast so you can make recipes using frozen mango chunks, you can leave the mango in the oven.

Recipes Using Frozen Mango Chunks

1. Mango And Chile

Sometimes, the recipes that are the most delicious are simple! If you want to keep it simple, simply, defrost the frozen mango chunks and add Chile pepper flakes! I personally like adding tahini with a sprinkle of lime and sea salt!

2. Mango Smoothie

One of the best recipes using frozen mango chunks is a mango smoothie! Who doesn’t want to feel refreshed with mangos? This smoothie only contains three ingredients, however, you can add and eliminate whatever ingredients you would like!

 How do you defrost a frozen mango?

3. Mango Salsa

A delicious mango salsa not only brings spice, but also tangy sweetness with recipes using frozen mango chunks! You can make your own, or buy one in the stores! Usually though, you would blend the mango in the blender, alongside many different types of tomatoes and peppers. Want a kick? Use tomatillo tomatoes!

4. Salad With Mango

What about a delicious and refreshing healthy salad? Lettuce, chicken, beats, and various other vegetables go well with mango as they are light in flavor. If you want to kick it up a notch with recipes using frozen mango chunks, you should also add a hint of lime to your salads! This makes it very easy to eat and enjoy.

5. Grilled Chicken And Mango

Interested in something with more proteins? If the answer is yes, try one of these recipes using frozen mango chunks that also uses chicken! Grill chicken, and right before you are done, start sautéing small frozen chunks of mango in the pan. You don’t even have to defrost them beforehand!

 How do you eat frozen mango chunks?

6. Mangonada

Defrosting Mango

It is not always necessary to defrost frozen mango chunks before you use them. However, if you want to defrost them, I prefer using a big bowl of luke warm water. In this large bowl, add the mango chunks you want to use in your recipes using frozen mango chunks!

In just a few moments, you will notice the mango chunks start to go plump because of the water and the lack of ice. After about ten minutes, the mangos should be defrosted. You can also transfer the mangoes directly from the freezer to the refrigerator. The temperature change should do the trick, but it can take you hours!


 recipes using frozen mango chunks

Weather you are looking to cook mangoes with recipes using frozen mango chunks, or you want to simply use them in a recipe right away, it is a convenience and a joy to have frozen mango chunks in your freezer and home! The healthy and delicious fruits are a favorite and works well with various other vegetables.

Want to create a smoothie or a grilled chicken salad with mango? We have you covered! Did you learn something new about recipes using frozen mango chunks? If yes, we would love to hear from you in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share this article!


Are frozen mango chunks healthy?

Surprisingly, frozen mango chunks are very healthy! They are delicious and contain many nutrients and vitamins!

How do you cook a frozen mango?

It is best to cook a frozen mango that has been peeled and cut up. Once this is done, you can bake the mango into foods or use a hot pan and stovetop with some oil or butter!

How do you eat frozen mango chunks?

There are many ways you can eat frozen mango chunks! Although frozen fruit can hurt your teeth, it is possible to eat it defrosted. However, if you prefer mango cooked into food or blended, making smoothies and other dishes works well too!

How do you defrost a frozen mango?

There are two main ways you can defrost a frozen mango. You can either place the frozen mango in the fridge, or place it in a large bowl of water. This water should be lukewarm. The bowl of water takes less time!