Why Does Milk Taste Good With Sweets? 5 Delicious And Wonderful Recipes

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I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but crave a delicious cup of milk when eating desert. Why does milk taste good with sweets? We will be exploring this question throughout this article to try and understand what makes milk so sweet!

This is definitely interesting since milk is a big part of Mexican culture, but did you know this was not always the case?

The History Of Milk In Mexico

Although not everyone knows this, milk and cows that produce milk are not native to North America! The first time that we saw a cow in North America was when the Spanish brought cattle to the islands when they thought they were discovering India.

The cattle that we see today and get most of our dairy and beef from, does not actually come from North America, but actually different parts of Europe. Instead, for thousands of years, indigenous Americans were not consuming milk but water and other beverages from fresh fruits, vegetables, and roots.

When the Spanish brought cattle in the 15th century, this is when the start of milk and cheese erupted throughout North America. Suddenly a lot of delicious dishes were using milk as well as beef from the cattle, where there once was water, and nectar.

Why Does Milk Taste Good With Sweets?

 drinking milk with sugar

Did you know that there are genuine benefits to drinking milk? Although it is true that as adults we need less milk, as kids it provides us with a lot of vitamins and minerals! It also compliments sweets and various dishes well.

In one glass of milk, there are 9 grams of sugar! This is actually what makes the milk taste so sweet. Milk naturally has sugar because there is lactose in it. Lactose breaks down into our bodies as sugar and we use it as a source of energy.

Interestingly enough, this is how we know when milk is spoiled. As it starts to go bad, the sugar or sweetness in milk spoils and becomes bitter and almost undrinkable. The sweetness of milk though compliments many authentic Mexican flavors!

What Flavors Go Well With Milk?

Now that we know Why Does Milk Taste Good with Sweets, we can dive into what flavors compliment the smooth taste of milk. There are a lot of flavors that go well with milk, the first one I can think of is chocolate, which is an especially important part of Mexican culture.

Cacao and coffee beans regularly grow in Mexico and are distributed often. Out of cacao, comes a bitter chocolate often found in deserts and pastries that compliment the smooth and soft taste of milk. Actually, with things like chocolate and bread, milk is perfect since it is refreshing.

Nutty flavors like almond, walnut, and pistachio also compliment milk really well. This is something you can add directly to the milk to add flavor or simply eat as a side with milk to compliment it.

 What can I add to milk for flavor?

5 Foods to Eat With Milk

There are a lot of foods and side dishes that go well with milk, but what are they? In this section, we will discuss Why Does Milk Taste Good with Sweets and which sweets taste best with milk.

1.  Tres Leches

Tres leches is a cake that uses three different types of milk; whole milk, condensed milk, and evaporated milk. It is a delicious and creamy desert that not only uses milk, but goes good with a tall glass of milk! Everyone has their own recipe, but the general idea behind this cake is celebratory.

Usually, it is decorated with fresh fruits and frosting. This is a good example of a traditional Mexican birthday cake!

2. Fried Ice Cream

Have you ever had friend ice cream? The concepts probably sounds funny, but it is absolutely delicious and worth trying! The best way to make friend ice cream is to roll cold vanilla ice cream in fried crispy treats. Then, in a pan with oil, fry the ice cream!

It goes well with milk to wash down the crispy chocolate covered treats that surround the big ball of ice cream.

 What foods go well with milk?

3. Sopapillas

Sopapillas are another delicious delicacy that will make you no longer wonder why does milk taste good with sweets. It is a traditional dessert similar to an Indian thick bread. The breading of this desert is soft on the inside, but crunchy on the outside.

There is sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top of the Sopapillas and you can eat it by dipping the dessert into chocolate or ice cream.

4. Mexican Bunelos

Mexican Bunelos are delicious and a favorite amongst those who wonder why does milk taste good with sweets. This delicious dessert is basically sugar balls of fried dough. They are super soft on the inside and sometimes stuffed with creams and other sweet things.

On the outside, the dough balls, much like Sopapillas, but softer, are rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture. Typically, we eat these during the holidays, but if you have the recipe you can make them anytime as a reminder of why does milk taste good with sweets.

 why does milk taste good with sweets

5. Mexican Wedding Cookies

You don’t have to be getting married or participating in a wedding to enjoy these cookies! These cookies are Mexican wedding cookies, made with a powdery flour and sugar sprinkled on top. They have a taste similar to nuts on the inside, but are dry and hard, which is where the milk comes in!


All in all, it is important to understand Why Does Milk Taste Good with Sweets. It is often not known by people why milk in general is sweet and smooth. The sweet and smoothness of milk though compliments many deserts often found in Mexico and bordering U.S states.

Have you learned something new about Why Does Milk Taste Good with Sweets and how to use milk with sweets to compliment each other? Let us know in the comments below! We are happy to hear from your! Share this article around as well to satisfy someone’s curiosity about the sweetness of milk.


What can I add to milk for flavor?

You can add syrups and different sweet spices such as cinnamon and almond extract. I recommend adding chocolate and caramel syrups to enhance the flavor of milk!

What foods go well with milk?

Highly sugary and sweet foods go super well with milk! This is because milk is refreshing and has a unique sweetness to it! Desserts like warm cookies and tres leches cakes can be a perfect fit with milk.

Why does milk taste good with sweets?

Milk taste good with sweets because milk contains natural levels of lactose. This lactose is sweet enough to break down into sugar as it goes through your digestive system. It is also refreshing, especially when it is cold!

why does my milk taste sweet?

Milk tastes sweet because it is made up on lactose. This lactose breaks down into sugar which is naturally sweet as you digest it!