What Are Chilaquiles? – Mexican Breakfast Favorite!

If you’re wondering what are chilaquiles, you’re in the right place. In this short post, we’ve covered all of the necessary information you need. Straight to the point! Chilaquiles is a Mexican dish of fried corn tortillas dipped in tomato sauce, usually with cheese. It’s one of those dishes that sounds like it can’t be … Read more

What Does Chilaquiles Mean To Mexican People?

What Does Chilaquiles Mean

Being such a whimsical word, what does chilaquiles mean? Chilaquiles are one of the absolute favorite dishes of Mexicans. And. ironically, one of the most off-putting for foreigners who come to visit. While they may tend to look pretty straightforward, there are many varieties that reflect the multi-culturalism that Mexico is so famed for. In … Read more