What Is Arrachera Steak? 5 Ways To Cook It Fast And Delicious

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What is arrachera steak? Although most recipes will call this delicious steak arrachera steak, it is more commonly known as a skirt steak. This delicious style of beef meat is flavorful and a personal favorite. Not only is the meat juicy, but it is also easy to cook and season!

Have you ever cooked with arrachera steak? It is a common cut of meat used in many Mexican dishes! The light and softness of the meat is one of the reasons it goes well with heavy tortilla dishes. Not only can you make shredded beef from arrachera steak, but it is also great stew meat!

What Is Arrachera Steak?

Before we can discuss the dishes you can make using this delicious arrachera steak, we should understand what it is. First off, arrachera steak is beef. This type of steak needs to be tenderized as it cooks. It is best to do this because the meat can be tough as their is a lot of connective tissue.

That being said, when you cook this style of meat, it become tender enough to chew and enjoy. You should always cook meat thoroughly to ensure that it is safe. When looking into what is arrachera steak, it is important to also know where the cut comes from.

Most of the time, skirt steak meat is a cut underneath the ribs of a cow. This cut is full of muscles and has very little fat and yet is where most of the flavor is stored! Sometimes the meat though comes from inside of the chest.

The Health Benefits Of Cooking And Eating Arrachera Steak

 How long should you cook arrachera?

Did you know that there are health benefits to eating, cooking, and savoring this delicious cut of meat? Although you should always limit your red meat intake, it is okay to enjoy it once in a while. Actually, this delicious cut of meat is a heavy protein with only a little bit of fat.

Usually in one serving of arrachera steak, you can find 21g of protein in a small 4oz serving. Although 4oz may not sound like a lot, this is a perfect size for the skirt steak since it is dense and filling. The lack of fat is also a great option for those with heart and high cholesterol problems.

Carne Asada Vs Arrachera Steak

Carne asada vs arrachera steak is a common argument, but there is no need for this debate! These two styles of meat actually are from the same cut and yet are made differently! They come from skirt steak and roughly translates to ‘grilled beef’ or ‘grilled steak’. The different words simply depend on the region in Mexico.

Also, carne asada is usually cut into thin strips for tacos, while arrachera steak is typically in one piece and is not always grilled.

5 Recipes That Use Arrachera Steak

Listed below are five delicious and worthwhile recipes to explore that use arrachera steak.

1. Arrachera Steak Tacos

Have you ever enjoyed carne asada tacos? Now that you know what is arrachera steak, you should be happy to find out that this meat goes well with tacos! I always recommend warming up corn flour tortillas on the grill and eating it with the meat.

Although you can cut arrachera meat into small chunks, it is easier to shred the meat and cook it in a thick marinade. The marinade enhances the flavor of the steak tacos while also providing a tenderness to the meat.

 What is the difference between carne asada and arrachera?

2. Grilled Arrachera Steak

It is good to cook grilled arrachera steak too now that you know what is arrachera steak. This steak meat is a cut that can be tough, and yet it is a meat made to be grilled. Fun fact, the answer to what is arrachera steak is carne asada!

Carne asada, as stated previously, can be translated to grilled steak or grilled beef! That means that the intention of arrachera steak is to be grilled.

3. Arrachera Steak Stew

I have always loved and enjoyed earing steak stews. Although the meat can be tough and requires time to cook and simmer, it is a perfect cut for a stew. Knowing what is arrachera steak helps in tweaking and refining recipes to use this favorite Mexican-style meat.

With this meat, I recommend cutting it into smaller chunks. Simmer the meat first in a thick broth with seasoning. If you want to add starch and other vegetables, you should do this in the beginning so that everything soaks the flavors of the meat.

4. Jalapeno and Lime Skirt Steak

Technically, this jalapeno lime skirt steak recipe is two in one. Although it is more common to see this jalapeno and lime skirt steak recipe as a shredded taco meat recipe, you can also use it for a grilled meat! With jalapenos and limes, you can either blend and make it into a sauce or simmer the meat in slices jalapenos.

Lime juice can be substituted if you do not have regular limes, but the flavor and texture do change.

 Why is arrachera so tender?

5. Marinated Skirt Steak

Knowing what is arrachera steak meat makes me excited because I know that I can make a marinated skirt steak dish out of it! Not all of us have the ability to grill outside, which is why this recipe is a favorite. First, make your favorite skirt steak marinade and place it in a plastic zip lock bag.

I go for acidic flavors and broth like beef broth and orange juice. Although these two ingredients may sound strange, they enhance flavors well! Let the meat marinade for at least a night with other blends of seasoning and simmer with the marinade!


Have you learned anything new or interesting about what is arrachera steak? This delicious cut of meat is perfect for making stews, tacos, and complimentary sides to large dishes. When cooking this meat, you should always measure the internal temperature before stating that it is done.

All in all, this meat is tough to chew, but enjoyable because of how much flavor it has! When looking into what is arrachera steak, you may have run into questions not answered in this post. If that is the case, we understand and are happy to answer them in the comments below


How long should you cook arrachera?

The matter of time you cook arrachera steak is not important, but the internal temperature. You should always look at the color of the inside of the meat before you finish cooking it.

What is the difference between carne asada and arrachera?

Carne asada is simply grilled flank or skirt steak, while arrachera is tenderized with papain and other enzymes. The cut is the same, but the seasonings and preparation are different.

Why is arrachera so tender?

Arrachera meat is actually rough. However, it becomes tender as you cook and marinate it. Some chefs and cooks use natural ingredients like papaya, which has an enzyme known as papain.