What Is Suadero Meat? 5 Ways To Cook Delicious Suadero Meat

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When you want to know what is suadero meat, it is good to start with its origins. This style of meat comes from Mexico, but other Latin American countries like Panama, Uraguay, and Argentina often use this same cut of meat in their cooking.

Knowing what suadero meat can help you learn how to cook with it better. While it is a red meat that comes from a cow, it is also lean and does not contain high amounts of fat or grease. You do need to be careful when eating suadero meat, though, as it is not always tender and can be tough to chew if cooked incorrectly.

What Is Suadero Meat?

Suadero meat is a thin cut of beef that is relatively inexpensive. This cut of beef comes from the lower flank and the sirloin primal section. Most people confuse suadero meat with other thin cuts of beef like hanger steak or brisket. However, suadero meat is more tender and chewy compared to hanger steak and brisket.

Most of the time, in Mexico and Mexico city, this type of meat is used for tacos and is joined with corn tortillas that are warmed up or freshly made on a skillet. You can use this thin meat, though, in other dishes. The low amount of fat in this cut of meat makes it relatively healthy compared to other beef cuts.

What Can You Eat With Suadero Meat?

You are in luck as you can have a real delicious feast while eating suadero meat. There are hundreds of side dishes you can enjoy alongside suadero meat, including side dishes like yellow Mexican rice, refried pinto beans, black beans, and corn tortillas.

While suadero meat is taco delicacy enjoyed while cooked slowly, you can still eat this meat inside of other dishes like stews. If you have leftover meat, you can even make yourself sandwiches and scrambled eggs or quesadillas!

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How To Pick A Good Cut For Suadero Meat

Now that you know what is suadero meat, you should learn how to pick a good cut of this style of meat! When you look for meat that is fresh and clean, always look at the color. Suadero meat is known for its pinkish color, which is how it got the nickname of ‘rose meat’.

If the color of the suadero meat or beef flank steak is too dark or leaning towards a brown/grey, these are signs that the meat is old. Always trust your instincts as well. If you go to take a smell of the meat and it does not smell right, toss it and don’t use it! Eating spoiled meat can lead to salmonella and E.coli.

How To Cook Suadero Meat

Cooking suadero meat is a lot easier then you would think. If you want to make the process as smooth and effortless as possible, all you need to do is use a pressure cooker. Suadero meat is tender and chewy, meaning it does better when it is cooked on low for hours. This brings out the various flavors of the meat.

The flavor, though, can change a lot depending on the cooking style you use as well as the seasonings you add to the meat.

Grilling the Meat

Did you know that you can grill suadero meat to cook it? Grilling the meat outside in an open grill is recommended by some chefs because it gives the meat a sizzling grilled taste from the charcoals and other meats.

You can use grilled suadero meat for tacos or eat the meat alongside other main dishes like Mexican yellow rice and black beans.

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Frying the Meat

If you do not have a grill, you can also fry the meat using a small amount of fat. You have to use something, though, for the meat to fry since suadero meat does not contain enough fat. I like to use olive oil since it is a healthier oil compared to canola or vegetable oil.

But for flavor, you can also make a base to fry the meat in. Some cultures, like in Puerto Rico and the Carribean, use sofrito bases which are blended peppers, onions, garlic, and herbs that make up the base of a dish. Try making your own with hotter peppers to add spice!

Shredded Meat

Shred the meat slowly as you cook suadero. It is a lot easier to do this if you have a slow cooker or pressure cooker that can slowly tenderize the meat. If you need to make the meat even softer so that you can pull it apart, try adding things like beer, lemon juice, or other acidic liquids.

The meat should fall apart or ‘shred’ on its own. No longer will you ask ‘what is suadero meat’ or even how should you cook this meat?

In Tacos

As stated previously, suadero meat is mainly made for tacos. It is chewy and tender, which makes it easy to enjoy with corn flour tortillas. You can also add spices and salsa to the meat and tortillas for more powerful flavors.

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Suadero Meat Stews

Sometimes, the meat is too much and you might not want tacos. If you want to try a different dish, but have leftover suadero meat that you need to cook, why not make a fresh stew? This is perfect for when you are feeling under the weather. Add vegetables, fruits, and roots that are heavily nutritious to the dish.


What do you think about this article? Did you learn what is suadero meat? Are you interested in cooking or eating this style of meat now? We won’t blame you if your curiosity has been piqued. This meat is amazing with tacos and grilled vegetables. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

If you know anyone else who does not know what suadero meat is and wants to learn more, you should send them our way! We can teach you and your loved ones who to cook suadero meat so that it is flavorful, tender, and even spicy.


Where are suadero tacos from?

Suadero tacos are from Mexico.

Is suadero spicy?

Suadero is not a spicy meat naturally, but you can add spicy salsas and seasonings to bring heat.

Is flank steak the same as suadero?

Suadero is a type of flank steak.

How many calories are in a suadero taco?

One serving contains about 150 callories per serving.