White Cornmeal Vs Yellow; Which Is The Best? 5 Reasons Why Both Are Delicious

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While browsing the grocery store, it is normal to wonder ‘white cornmeal vs yellow’. There are many types of cornmeal with different purposes and flavors. There is also no right or wrong. Some people and recipes simply prefer white cornmeal vs yellow!

Throughout this article we will learn about the history of cornmeal and its many uses. You will finish this article wondering why you haven’t incorporated this delicious flour into your daily meals more!

The History Of Cornmeal And Flour In Mexico

Did you know there is a long history when it comes to cornmeal and corn flour in Mexico? The Aztecs were amazing cultivators and agriculturalists with dozens of varieties of corn. This corn was a staple in their diet and still in in certain parts of Latin America.

Corn thrives and grows in Mexico, and it has since the beginning! From what history can tell us, corn is what feds millions of Aztecs and other Indigenous people of the Americas. This is because it thrived and grows throughout the land easily.

Even now, thousands of years later, many regions of Mexico have a high diet mainly of beans and corn. From this corn, through various different processes, cornmeal and flour is grinded and processed. This is not new either and is what was used for tortillas for the longest time.

Benefits Of Eating Cornmeal

 What is white corn used for?

Did you know that there are benefits to eating and frequently using white cornmeal vs yellow? Although this may sound shocking, white cornmeal and yellow cornmeal have similar textures. They are not immensely different. Because of this, both types of cornmeal has similar, if not exact, nutritional benefits.

The first benefit is that cornmeal, whether yellow or white, is made manly from corn and oats! It is highly nutritious, and contains nutrients like thiamin and magnesium. Eating oats every day can boost your metabolism, leading to a healthier life. The best part? It is delicious!

5 Unique Dishes That Use White Cornmeal Vs Yellow

Listed below are five unique and delicious dishes you can use white cornmeal vs yellow:

1. Mexican Cornbread

My mouth is watering thinking about my favorite dish on this list, Mexican cornbread. Although cornbread is a popular dish all throughout the southern states in the U.S, it was originally made by indigenous Americans and a variety of white and yellow corn.

Except, they added a twist. Instead of just cornbread with butter, this cornbread has bits and pieces of hot peppers to give it extra texture and flavor. Jalapenos are the best pepper to use in this recipe as they taste delicious with corn-based products.

 Which is healthier white corn or yellow corn?

2. Breakfast Porridge (Cornmeal)

Not only can you enjoy a warm and squishy breakfast cornbread, but also an authentic Mexican breakfast cornmeal porridge. This type of porridge is a very common breakfast item. I used to eat this almost daily in my home!

The taste is lose to cornmeal, however, the texture is more like a rice pudding. Instead of rice though, the added texture is the thick grains of corn left after the cornmeal process.

3. Fried Green Tomatoes

Have you ever had a delicious fried green tomato covered with thick cornmeal? Although it is more common to use a flour when making fried foods, this does not mean you cannot use white cornmeal vs yellow cornmeal.

Although it is true that white cornmeal does lack flavor, it gives a nice color to the green tomatoes. Choose your tomatoes, and with egg yolk and a cornmeal mixture, coat the outside. You can do this to a whole green tomato or tomato slices.

4. Tropical Cornmeal Cake

My mouth is watering thinking about a tropical-themed cornmeal cake. This cake can be made into any cake shape you would like. What makes this cake so tropical? Well, not only do you use white cornmeal vs yellow cornmeal, but also fruity flavors like pineapple, apple, and coconut.

For decoration, you can also add coconut shavings to the top of the cornmeal cake. This is a great idea for those of us who cannot eat gluten since cornmeal is gluten-free.

 Which cornmeal is best for cornbread?

5. Tamales

Have you ever taken a bite into a warm, delicious, and perfect tamales? Personally, my mouth waters thinking about these amazing pastries and holiday favorites. Did you know that some versions of a tamale actually uses white cornmeal vs yellow? This slightly changes the color and adds sweetness to the meat pastry.

Tips and Tricks On Using White Or Yellow Cornmeal/Flour

It is surprisingly easy to use white cornmeal vs yellow cornmeal or flour. The only thing you need to consider is that the white cornmeal tends to be sweeter. White sweet corn has a lot of sugar, which is what makes it a great cornmeal or flour substitute for delicious and sweet things.

I recommend first using white or yellow cornmeal in a large bowl. While the powder is not completely fine, it does get messy! With water, mix white cornmeal and see the consistency of the masa. It should be light enough so that you can poor it, while being tough enough so it doesn’t run like water.

When using white or yellow cornmeal/flour, it is important to note that this type of flour is thicker and coarse. Essentially what this means is that the cornmeal is a thicker ingredient that can also thicken other foods. It is often used in cooking and baking heavy items, but lighter dishes it is best to use cornstarch or white flour.


All in all, the debate between white cornmeal vs yellow cornmeal feels as old as time itself. Corn is an important ingredient in many Latin American cultures because it was a staple and miracle food for the Aztecs living in Mesoamerica.

Did you learn anything new about white cornmeal vs yellow cornmeal? If yes, let us know in the comments below! We are excited to hear from you! Know anyone interested in learning about white cornmeal vs yellow cornmeal? Send them our way by sharing this informational blog!


What is white corn used for?

White corn is used to make white cornmeal or white corn flour. It is sweeter then yellow corn and less common.

Which cornmeal is best for cornbread?

Yellow cornmeal is the best cornmeal for cornbread because it gives cornbread its iconic bright yellow color naturally.

Why is white corn so sweet?

White corn is sweet because it produces sweet white kennels. The more color a corn kennel has, the less sweet it becomes.

Which is healthier white corn or yellow corn?

Yellow corn is actually only slightly healthier then white corn because it has more nutrients. That being said, it is a very small difference.