Who Has Fish Tacos?

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The fish tacos are a staple of Mexican food. When the supply became scarce, prices skyrocketed and people went crazy for them once again. The restaurant makes more than $1 million annually from these bad boys with their unique taste that has been out of stock at times for up to three years

The “who sells fish tacos near me” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer to the question, is a restaurant or business that sells fish tacos.

What countries does Taco Bell operate in?

A: Taco Bell is a Mexican-American fast food restaurant chain, and the first such chain in the United States. It was founded by Glen Bell, who came up with the idea after buying a hot dog stand called Bells Drive-In in San Bernardino, California. The company has expanded to over 6,000 restaurants in more than 35 countries worldwide.

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