Where Does Rice Pudding Come From?

Where Does Rice Pudding Come From

Many Spanish-speaking countries have their own form of rice pudding, including Mexico, but where does rice pudding come from? Surprisingly it is hard to trace! While there are a lot of predictions, no one knows for sure. What we do know is that Rice pudding is delicious and surprisingly easy to make! What Is Rice … Read more

Where To Buy Masa For Tamales

Where To Buy Masa For Tamales

As the holidays approach, so does the time to make tamales, but where to buy masa for tamales? I always find myself asking: where to buy prepared masa for tamales? There are so many locations near me and it is hard to make a decision! Although making your own homemade masa for tamales is fresher, … Read more

Easy Mexican Pork Chop Dinner Recipe

Easy Mexican Pork Chop Dinner Recipe

Listed below is an easy Mexican pork chop dinner recipe that utilizes simple ingredients and is written step-by-step. You will find your mouth watering as you cook this savory and authentic Mexican pork chop. The recipe is good for beginners and intermediate cooks that want to prepare a heavy meat dish to compliment a side … Read more

Can You Freeze Tres Leches Cake?

Can You Freeze Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches is a dessert made with three different milks that make your mouth water, but can you freeze Tres Leches cake? This is a tricky question because it depends on a lot of factors like the ingredients, how it is stored, and for how long. As we all know, milk is a hard ingredient … Read more

When Is Chorizo Done

When is Chorizo Done

Authentic Mexican food lovers know that Chorizo is a popular meat, but when is chorizo done and how can you tell? This meat is similar to Spanish Chorizo only by name. They are very different meats and go through completely different processing methods. Throughout this article, you will learn about chorizo and how to use … Read more

What Sauce Goes With Tamales?

What Sauce Goes With Tamales

These holidays are a great time to make Tamales to share with the family, but what sauce goes with Tamales? Tamales are delicious corn flour pastries that take time to prepare and enjoy. Although you can eat them without any additional toppings, who doesn’t love a good sauce? In this recipe, there are step-by-step instructions … Read more

How To Cook Habanero Peppers

How To Cook Habanero Peppers

Would you like to learn how to cook Habanero Peppers quickly, efficiently, and regularly? These peppers are packed with flavor. In this article, you will learn about the general history of the habanero pepper, how to prepare, cook, and store it! The flavorful pepper is a wonderful addition to various dishes worldwide. Interestingly, while some … Read more

How To Use Dehydrated Peppers

How to Use Dehydrated Peppers

Dehydrated peppers can be confusing, if you have ever wondered how to use dehydrated peppers, you are in the right place. Listed below are a few facts, quick tips and tricks, and important information to consider when dehydrating peppers. There are a lot of things that you can use dried chili peppers for! These delicious … Read more

How To Prepare Mango With Chili Powder And Lemon

Mango With Chili Powder and Lemon

Mango with chili powder and lemon is a delicious combination that is both savory and sweet at the same time! This delicious snack is great for eating on the go and is packed with many benefits and nutrients. It is also surprisingly quick and easy to make! There are only a few steps and it … Read more

Pinto Bean Soup With Bacon

Pinto Bean Soup with Bacon

As the weather changes and gets colder, who doesn’t want a scrumptious and warm Pinto Bean Soup with Bacon? Listed below in detail, is a step-by-step recipe on how to make Pinto Bean Soup with Bacon. If you are a beginner and a lover of soups, this is a great recipe for you! The best … Read more