How Long Do Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce Last? 5 Ways To Make Chipotle Peppers Last Long And Fresh

How Long Do Chipotle Peppers In Adobo Sauce Last

Who doesn’t love adobo sauce, but how long do chipotle peppers in adobo sauce last? Usually, these peppers have a long shelf life, but what do you do with them? Let’s learn more about these peppers, the sauce they are in, and their overall shelf life. Chipotle peppers are delicious and usually packed with hot … Read more

Crushed Red Pepper Flakes Substitute- 5 Different And Interesting Ways

Crushed Red Pepper Flakes Substitute

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Are Cornmeal And Corn Flour The Same? 3 Easy And Unique Ways To Tell the Difference

Are Cornmeal And Corn Flour The Same

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Black Beans Vs Pinto Beans Taste 5 Key And Amazing Differences And Similarities

Black Beans Vs Pinto Beans Taste

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New Mexico Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Recipe In 6 Detailed And Delicious Steps

New Mexico Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Recipe

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How To Keep Churros Fresh In 3 Excellent And Quick Ways

How To Keep Churros Fresh

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What Is Oxtail Made Of And 3 Delicious And Surprising Ways To Cook It.

What Is Oxtail Made Of

Have you ever wondered what is oxtail made of? While the word does use ‘Ox’, this does not mean that the meat is from an ox. Although not everyone thinks of oxtail meat when the words ‘Mexican cuisine’ pop up in conversation, it is a huge part of authentic and traditional Mexican food! Through this … Read more

New Mexico Panocha Recipe With 5 Easy And Powerful Steps

New Mexico Panocha Recipe

Learning about a delicious New Mexico Panocha Recipe sounds like a lot of fun, especially when we review the history behind this very special dish! The flavors behind this dish are powerful, delicious, and a personal favorite. I grew up eating this with family and friends during the tradition of lent. Although lent is not … Read more

What Sauce Goes On Tamales And 5 Steps On How To Make A Delicious And Easy Sauce

What Sauce Goes On Tamales

Tamales are a favorite amongst Mexican households near the holidays, which is why it makes sense to ask yourself ‘What Sauce Goes on Tamales’? Tamales are so big that the Mayans even had their own hieroglyphic of the figure of a tamale. Now, over three thousand years later, tamales and the sauce they bring are … Read more

How To Make Tortillas Soft And Stretchy- 3 Unique And Delicious Steps

How To Make Tortillas Soft And Stretchy

Not all tortillas are made the same way, so let’s learn how to make tortillas soft and stretchy! This is a quick recipe and informational article that will dive into interesting information about tortillas. It is important to understand that not all tortillas are the same, for example, yellow corn tortillas and white tortillas use … Read more