Tips On Where To Buy Gordita Shells

Where To Buy Gordita Shells

If you have enjoyed gorditas at a Mexican restaurant, you might have wondered where to buy gordita shells that can make for a special meal at home. Many people are under the impression that there isn’t very much variation when it comes to the world of the tortilla. There is a good chance that most … Read more

A Delicatessen For Mexican Food Lovers: Nopales In A Jar

Nopales In A Jar

Nopales in a jar might be a well-kept secret for foreigners but certainly not for Mexican people. Since the arrival of the first settlers in Mesoamerica, as well as for the ancient Mexicans, the nopal has been a very important source of food. This is in large part due to its prevalence throughout the continent … Read more

How To Make Horchata Without Rice Is Easy

How To Make Horchata Without Rice

Have you ever wondered how to make horchata without rice? When it comes to Mexican drinks, or as they’re known in Mexico ¨aguas,¨ none has received so much love and world renown as the horchata. This is because it is so well textured and flavored that it almost feels like a snack unto itself. It … Read more

An Intriguing Question: Where Did Quesadillas Originate?

Where Did Quesadillas Originate

Where did quesadillas originate? Do you know? Quesadillas are a food that countless people fall in love with when they visit Mexico. It consists of a tortilla filled with cheese and folded over to be cooked over a pan. It may sound simple enough. However, with a quality masa and cheese, it serves as one … Read more

Have You Ever Wondered: What Is Tamarindo Drink?

What Is Tamarindo Drink

Perhaps you have wondered: What is tamarindo drink? It sounds tropical and whimsical. But is it something that you can actually drink? Although tamarindo is a plant that is believed to have African origins, it gained world renown through arabic trade. Its use is very common throughout Latin America with everything from candy to sauces … Read more

What Is Steak Torta According to Mexican People

What Is Steak Torta

What is steak torta? Steak torta is one of those sandwiches that leaves you wondering why it took so long for you to turn steak into a more fun meal. This is especially true if you’ve already been a long-time fan of taco culture which is known for being quite varied and family-friendly. There are … Read more

Pickled Habanero Pepper Recipe For Connoisseurs

Pickled Habanero Pepper Recipe

Are you looking for a pickled habanero pepper recipe? We got it. There are so many wonderful things that you can pickle. This is why it has become such an obsession in many people’s lives. While cucumbers are the most popular veggie to use if you’re a fan of spiciness you’ve gotta give habaneros a try! … Read more

How To Make Micheladas With Chamoy On A Hot Day

How To Make Micheladas With Chamoy

The hottest day in Summer is a fantastic moment to learn how to make micheladas with chamoy. A michelada is one of those great refreshing and tasty drinks that make you feel as though the summer, or at least some kind of vacation, has finally arrived! In Mexico, people see it as synonymous with the weekend. … Read more

How To Make Chilaquiles Rojos With Eggs Made Easy

How To Make Chilaquiles Rojos With Eggs

If you’re fancying chilaquiles for breakfast, you’d probably like to know how to make chilaquiles rojos with eggs. Chilaquiles are pieces of tortillas that are fried and bathed in a savory sauce that reminds one of both a well-textured salad and a heartwarming soup. In Mexico, the most common chilaquiles that you’ll find around are … Read more

Can You Eat Nopales Raw?

Can You Eat Nopales Raw

Can you eat nopales raw? That’s a question that many foreigners ask. Cactus is a staple in Mexico and it is commonly referred to as nopal or nopalitos. It is fundamental for many people’s diets and as such there are many dishes that include this wonderful, although somewhat subtle tasting, It has a wealth of nutrition … Read more