How To Keep Churros Fresh In 3 Excellent and Quick Ways

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The thought of homemade churros is making my mouth water and my mind wonder how to keep churros fresh? It is not easy, but also not impossible! If you are looking to find ways to keep churros fresh, keep on reading!

Who doesn’t want to keep the crispy and fresh taste and texture of a churro? Every time I eat one and make them at home, I try to think of new ways to keep them as fresh as possible. Since reheating churros the wrong way can take away the flavor and texture, it is important to understand why.

What Are Churros?

So, what exactly are Churros? These churros are delicious and crispy dough strings that are long and thick. You can stuff them with ingredients or eat them with nothing! Technically, there is no wrong way to eat churros or make them. That being said, the history is fuzzy!

From what we know, Churros is one of the only Mexican-style foods that does not come from an indigenous influence. Instead, the first time we saw churros and how to keep churros fresh in Latin America was during the 1500s when the Spanish came as conquistadores.

Some historians point to the Chinese for making these delicious and doughy desserts, but we are not entirely sure. The story goes that the Portuguese traveled to China and brought back these cinnamon sugar delights, introducing them to Spain.

When Spain came to Latin America, they then introduced their churros to the indigenous people. From there, churros stayed and became a part of the culture. Now it is hard to think about Mexico, without also thinking about cinnamon-dusted churros.

 Can churros be reheated?

How To Make Churros

Now, how do you make churros and are there ways on how to keep churros fresh? This is important to consider before making them! Thankfully, I know a few ways to keep churros fresh and reheat them to the same flavor and texture as day 1!

First, when making churros, you will need hot oil to fry them as well as the dough to make them. They are surprisingly easy to make, however, the shape differs from person to person. When making churros, it is best to blend the mixture together and cook it in a pot if you can. First, blend it though.

Afterwards, you will need a pipet to make the iconic churro shape we all know and love. Squeeze the shape and churro out into the hot oil. It will fry in less then 5 minutes, keep your eye on the oil as these churros are easy to burn!

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Storing Churros

Before we can discuss how to keep churros fresh, it is best to start by storing them properly. As tempting as it is to add churros to our fridge, this actually gives the churro moisture and leads to a soggy churro, which is never fun! If you want to preserve your churros, you can keep them out of the fridge for up to two days.

Since air is what provides bacteria and promotes the growth, you will need to store your homemade churros in an air tight container. I have seen some people get creative and store churros in a glass recycled and reused container like an old glass salsa container. As long as there is a lid, it works!

 How do you store churros?

How To Keep Churros Fresh

Now, lets talk about how to keep churros fresh. No one wants to eat a dull, hard, or soggy churro. Listed below are three ways to keep churros fresh and details on how to do them.

1. Freeze Homemade Churros

Did you know that you can make a large batch of homemade churros and freeze them? This is a perfect method since freezing the homemade churros can keep them both preserved and ready for use. If you are scared that your homemade churros will stick together, simply add wax paper between the layers!

2. Place In Napkins

If you don’t want them too last too long, just enough for a few days to reheat, then use napkins! In a tight container, place the remaining churros, but wrap them in a napkin or paper towel. This will reduce the oil, which sometimes is what causes the sogginess.

3. Add Oil To The Churros

When looking for how to keep churros fresh, sometimes it is as easy as adding oil when toasting and re-heating them. The flavor will stay for at least three days. All you need to do is reheat them to add a crunch back to the churros. You can do this by re-frying them in oil or placing them in the oven.

If you choose to use the oven for a way how to keep churros fresh, you will need a baking sheet and an oil spray! This way, the oil can crisp the outside of the churro. Don’t use too much though as it can change the overall flavor!

 How long do fresh churros last?

Tips and Tricks on How to Keep Churros Fresh

I have a few tips and tricks to share about how to keep churros fresh. For example, you can start by making the dough and adding it to the pipes. I recommend making a large amount of churros, but not cooking them just yet!

Instead, in a large flat baking sheet or pan, spread out the churros. Make sure that they are not touching each other. Once this is done, place it in the freezer for a minimum of three hours. Once the time is up, roll the churros in wax paper and freeze in bags. You can add these to hot oil when you are ready!


All in all, when deciding how to keep churros fresh, it is a hard decision. Sometimes, these delicious pastries only last a few days outside of the fridge, but in the fridge the extra moisture turns churros soggy and dripping.

Did you learn anything knew about techniques on how to keep churros fresh? If yes, let us know in the comments below! We are happy and excited to hear from you! Don’t forget to share this article!

 How long will churros stay crispy?


Can churros be reheated?

Churros can be reheated, but carefully! It is best to reheat them in hot oil or a toaster oven. If you use a microwave, the added moisture is likely to make the churro soggy, changing its texture.

How do you store churros?

It is easy to store churros, but you do have to make a few changes. When storing churros, always place them in an airtight container and never in the fridge.

How long do fresh churros last?

Fresh churros have a short shelf life since there is a lack of preservatives. Outside of the fridge, churros last up to three days.

How long will churros stay crispy?

Churros stay crispy for only up to one day. Afterwards, you need to reheat it to be crispy again!