What Is Oxtail Made Of And 3 Delicious And Surprising Ways To Cook It.

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Have you ever wondered what is oxtail made of? While the word does use ‘Ox’, this does not mean that the meat is from an ox. Although not everyone thinks of oxtail meat when the words ‘Mexican cuisine’ pop up in conversation, it is a huge part of authentic and traditional Mexican food!

Through this blog, we will dive into what is oxtail, what it is made out of, and how to cook it! This delicious meat is tender and a favorite in my household. If you make it right, the meat almost slides off the bones and soaks in the flavors of the broth, when you make it into a stew.

What Is Oxtail Made Of?

So, what exactly is Oxtail? As tempting as it is to assume that this meat comes from an ox, this is not true! Oxtail is actually meat from a veal or a cow, regardless of the gender. However, the name comes from the history behind this delicious meat.

In North America, Ox were very common. It was not until the Europeans brought cattle like cows that cow and beef were consumed. Instead, many indigenous people and other cultures throughout the world ate Ox meat. Since meat was hard to come by, especially during winter months, the tail of the ox was prepared too.

Now that meat is plentiful, Ox is not a common cuisine. Instead, butchers chop the tail of a cow or veal into sections. Although there is very little meat and tough bone, the meat is tender when cooked, enough to slide off the bone.

 Is oxtail a healthy meat?

The Benefits Of Eating Oxtail

Now that you know what oxtail is made of, we can start to discuss the benefits of eating this rich and delicious meat! For one, there are a lot of health benefits when eating beef in regulations. It is important to portion out your food, since Oxtail is delicious, but also fattening.

Since beef is what is oxtail is made of, we know that the meat is full of proteins and vitamins. One serving, for example, contains both calcium and iron, which are important nutrients we need to survive and function properly.

Another benefit is specific. Some people can’t eat some cuts of beef and veal because the toughness causes pain and discomfort when chewing. Do you have sensitive teeth? You are in luck, you can eat what is oxtail made of! The tender meat is easy to chew and almost melts in your mouth.

Since the bone is thick, you can also utilize all parts of this meat! After cooking the meat for a stew or soup, the leftover bones make a delicious broth. Save and clean the bones for later use! Then boil them into a beef bone broth for an added layer of flavor in your next dish.

3 Ways To Cook Oxtail

 Is oxtail a pork or beef?

There are endless opportunities to cook Oxtail in a delicious and traditional Mexican way! The recipes when you search what is oxtail made of never stop! Personally, I like thicker foods that use a variety of different flavors, like stews!

1. Oxtail Soup

My mouth is watering thinking about Oxtail soup. This Oxtail soup is delicious and perfect for making when you are sick or on a cool day. The best way to start by making what is oxtail made of recipe is to look for a fresh beef cut at the market. Clean the meat with a mixture of vinegar and lime before cooking.

In a large pot, with beef broth, chili paste, and various other vegetables, cook the Oxtail in the soup. Cover the pot with a lid and stir on low. While you can speed up the process with a crockpot, smelling the slowly boiling soup is a great feeling!

2. Oxtail Stew

Not everyone likes the liquid part of Oxtail soup, which is why I recommend making it into a stew! You can make the thick stew with any flavors you would like, but in Mexican cuisine it is common to use a chili pepper paste to give it color and heat.

 what does oxtail come from

3. Oxtail Tacos in Salsa Verde

Did you know that you can prepare  what is oxtail made of into a tender meat perfect for using in tacos? Salsa verde and beef tail cut make a great combination! The citrus hints in salsa verde bring out the tender and melting flavors of the Oxtail meat. All you need to do is warm up tortillas on a flat pan and enjoy!

Tips And Tricks On Cooking With Oxtail

There are a lot of tips and tricks I can give you to what is oxtail made of. Since this is a relatively healthy piece of meat with over 30 grams of protein in one serving, it is okay to cook once in a while! I do recommend cooking this style of meat in advance, before using it in a new recipe.

The meat in what is oxtail made of does not take long to cook, however, if you want to earn back some time while cooking, make a large batch of Oxtail and in a marinade for the stew or soup, place it into portioned bags in the freezer.

These bags are easy to melt. Simply place them in boiling water and the heat will cause the meat and the broth to defrost. It is good to remember our roots and why we started eating Oxtail to begin with- to savor and use all parts of the animal!

 what is oxtail


Now that we have discussed what is oxtail made of, you should have a better understanding of this tender and delicious meat. What is oxtail made of is a beef that in tender and slides right off the bone. Just like the name suggests, the meat primarily comes from the tail of a cow or veal, not an ox.

Let us know down below if you have learned anything about what is oxtail made of! And don’t forget to share this article with friends and family interested in different and unique styles of meat.


Is oxtail a healthy meat?

Oxtail is a healthy meat since it is mainly made out of protein instead of fat and grease.

Is oxtail a pork or beef?

Oxtail is beef and veal.

What is oxtail?

Oxtail is a specific cut of beef or veal that comes from the tail of the animal.

What does oxtail come from?

This style of meat, oxtail, comes from the tail of a cow or veal!