How To Keep Taco Shells Warm In 4 Satisfying And Easy Ways

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Are you getting ready for a party? If yes, you may be wondering How to Keep Taco Shells Warm! Thankfully, throughout this blog, you will learn multiple ways to keep hard shell tacos warm! There are more then four ways though, however, the most common ways are listed down below.

All four are easy to follow and perfect for beginners still learning how to keep taco shells warm for a large crowd or gathering of people. It is not necessary though for tortilla shells or taco shells to be warmed up to eat with!

What Are Taco Shells?

Before we can dive into how to keep taco shells warm, we should also understand what are taco shells and the history behind them. Although when we think of the word tacos, Mexico is what usually pops up in our minds, this is only a small truth.

While the idea of tacos does come from the indigenous people who lived in Mexico with their corn flour tortillas, the hard shell tacos we see in stores and restaurants is actually an American invention. The original tacos were actually flat and closely resembled what we know today as empanadas (tortilla pockets).

The History Of Tacos

The idea of a taco is actually relatively new. Although it is true that the Aztecs and other indigenous people living in Latin America made corn flour tortillas from scratch, they were not the tacos we know of today. Instead, they were pockets used to stuck with either beans or a blend of hot peppers.

Meat was not commonly eaten, especially in high quantities. Actually, it was not until the Spanish came to Mexico and the rest of Latin America where meat and dairy was consumed. Cows and pigs were brought by Europeans and domesticated in the Americas.

 How do you heat taco shells for a crowd?

How To Keep Taco Shells Warm

There are so many ways you can keep taco shells warm and ideal for parties! Personally, I like to make sure I use a combination of the four solutions listed below. Do you have any other ways you keep taco shells warm? Let us know down below in the comments section!

1. Tortilla Warmers

Have you ever heard of tortilla warmers? These are special appliances and devices that only have one purpose; to keep tortillas warm and ready. Although the majority of tortilla warmers are made flat and circular (to fit flour tortillas), there are a few that allow for hard taco shells.

Although this is a great and innovative way to keep your taco shells warm, it is not the only way! Not everyone can purchase a tortilla warmer and that is okay, there are many DIY solutions that are cheap and effective.

2. DIY Solutions

Don’t want to buy an appliance or object specifically for warming tacos? Don’t worry, we have you covered with solutions. When learning about how to keep taco shells warm, you may run into DIY solutions that use everyday items.

These options are affordable and typically quick! For example, you can use aluminum foil to keep tortilla shells warm and standing. I recommend wrapping a container with aluminum foil and adding barriers so that the tortilla shells can stand up.

Need another DIY solution for how to keep taco shells warm? You can also use paper towels and light hand towels to keep the taco shells up and warm. Be gentle though as hard taco shells do break and crack under pressure.

 How do you keep taco meat warm?

3. Warming Trays

If you are looking for a way how to keep taco shells warm for large groups, it may be easier to use warming trays. These trays are usually made of an aluminum foil and work with a small flame. A small canister is set on fire that then warms up the tray.

In the tray, carefully lined up and divided, you can add the taco shells. Since the flame is small, it is not hot enough to burn the taco shells meaning you won’t have a problem.

4. Oven/Microwave Oven

If you are old fashioned, you can also use your oven or microwave oven. These are great ways how to keep taco shells warm for small parties and groups. In the oven, make sure to line up the taco shells and heat the temperature to only 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter and you can cause the taco shells to burn instead of toast.

Keeping Taco Meat Warm And Fresh

As important as it is to know how to keep taco shells warm, it is best to also keep taco meat warm and fresh. Taco meat that is Americanized is often ground beef. Although this is true, you can make any meat you would like as long as it is shredded and in small bites for tacos.

Keeping taco meat warm and fresh is ideal for tacos since your toppings can easily melt on top of the shells and meat. Think of cheese and other ingredients like lettuce and sour cream. Pico de gallo is just as popular of a topping.

First, I recommend finding containers that are good for storing heat. These containers should have seals that are tight and easy to place on top. Second, warm up the meat in a microwave or the stovetop. To keep this same meat warm, keep it stored tightly in the container. Don’t let cool air inside.


When learning how to keep taco shells warm for a crowd, there is a lot to consider. For example, what kind of taco shells? Usually, when someone refers to a taco shell, they are discussing a hard taco shell that is crunchy and pre-made. You can make them at home, but they are harder to make and shape.

That being said, it is easier instead to keep taco meat and shells both warm and fresh. This brings out the many flavors in the tacos and is a joy to many. Have you learned something new regarding how to keep taco shells warm? Let us know in the comments below your opinion on how to keep taco shells warm!


How do you heat taco shells for a crowd?

Heating taco shells for a crowd is not easy! With so many taco shells, it is understandable that you will need a large and quick system. I recommend baking the taco shells and then placing them in aluminum foil.

How do you keep taco meat warm?

Keeping taco meat warm can be unpleasant. However, there are ways. In an aluminum container, keep the taco meat warm with a burner. These are often seen in potlucks and barbeque parties.

How do you keep taco shells fresh?

Keeping taco shells fresh is not easy! However, you can do this by making sure that they are stored in a tightly sealed container. Air can easily make the taco shells stale.