What Is Suadero Meat? 5 Ways To Cook Delicious Suadero Meat

What Is Suadero Meat

When you want to know what is suadero meat, it is good to start with its origins. This style of meat comes from Mexico, but other Latin American countries like Panama, Uraguay, and Argentina often use this same cut of meat in their cooking. Knowing what suadero meat can help you learn how to cook … Read more

6 Step Easy Tamale Pie With Masa Harina- Quick And Smooth

Easy Tamale Pie With Masa Harina

Looking for a quick and Easy Tamale Pie with Masa Harina recipe? We have got you covered! Tamale pies are delicious and a personal favorite in my home. Although the steps in this recipe are simple, you can also add your own personal favorite ingredients and seasonings to make the tamale pie your own! In … Read more

5 Interesting And Unique Dried Chile Ancho Substitutes

Dried Chile Ancho Substitutes

There are so many recipes that you can use Dried Chile Ancho Substitutes in when finding dried chili peppers is hard! I love peppers and want them to last longer! The benefits of drying and carefully storing hot peppers are worth the time is taken to dehydrate them! In just a few moments, you will … Read more

How To Cut Serrano Peppers In 4 Quick And Easy Steps

How To Cut Serrano Peppers

When looking up how to cut serrano peppers, it is good to go over important safety measures. Serrano peppers are very hot and can burn your lips, eyes, and mouth if you are not careful. Have you ever cooked with hot peppers? The oils in the air can be painful! I recommend always wearing gloves … Read more

4 Step Guide For A Mexican Fruit Roll Up Easy And Quick!

Mexican Fruit Roll Up

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a Mexican fruit roll up? These delicious candies are easy to find in Latin American grocery stores and corner shops. However, if you cannot find one close to you, it is possible to make one from the comfort of your home! This recipe only uses four steps and takes less … Read more

The Most Delicious Holy Mole Pepper Recipe In 4 Easy Steps

holy mole pepper

Holy mole peppers are mild, usually sitting between 700 to 800 Scoville heat units. This holy mole pepper recipe is perfect to complete in four quick steps. As long as you have the ingredients and the equipment, this particular holy mole pepper recipe is great for beginners looking to try a new sauce! Although there … Read more