How To Keep Churros Fresh In 3 Excellent and Quick Ways

How To Keep Churros Fresh

The thought of homemade churros is making my mouth water and my mind wonder how to keep churros fresh? It is not easy, but also not impossible! If you are looking to find ways to keep churros fresh, keep on reading! Who doesn’t want to keep the crispy and fresh taste and texture of a … Read more

New Mexico Panocha Recipe in 5 Easy and Powerful Steps!

New Mexico Panocha Recipe

Learning about a delicious New Mexico Panocha Recipe sounds like a lot of fun, especially when we review the history behind this very special dish! The flavors behind this dish are powerful, delicious, and a personal favorite. I grew up eating this with family and friends during the tradition of lent. Although lent is not … Read more

How To Make Tortillas Soft and Stretchy- 3 Unique and Delicious Steps

How To Make Tortillas Soft And Stretchy

Not all tortillas are made the same way, so let’s learn how to make tortillas soft and stretchy! This is a quick recipe and informational article that will dive into interesting information about tortillas. It is important to understand that not all tortillas are the same, for example, yellow corn tortillas and white tortillas use … Read more

Where Did Enchiladas Come From? 3 Interesting And Delicious Facts

Where Did Enchiladas Come From

When answering the question ‘where did enchiladas come from’, we need to go back in time and review history. The first thing you should know though is that enchiladas are not new. These are delicious stuffed tortillas that are flavorful and easy to carry around. Although a lot of Mexican and Tex-Mex food now has … Read more

How To Chop Cilantro Leaves In 4 Quick And Great Steps

A lot of delicious Mexican meals and dishes use cilantro, so let’s learn about how to chop cilantro leaves! In four steps, we will go through the process of chopping cilantro safely and in an effective way. I don’t know about you, but I love the intense citrus flavors that the leaves bring to new … Read more

How Spicy Is A Serrano Pepper? 3 Fantastic And Quick Recipes

How Spicy Is A Serrano Pepper

These exceptionally popular peppers are one of the best in Mexico, but exactly how spicy is a serrano pepper? From what we know, these peppers rank at a 5,000 to 15,000 heat level. They are hot, compared to their close sibling, the Jalapeno pepper. While this is true, they are no where near the hottest … Read more